5 skincare steps to make Valentine’s Day more special

Valentine’s Day is getting closer and closer and even if you don’t have significant other to celebrate the Lovers’ Day with, Naturalia Sintesi has listed 5 steps to make this day more special. Regardless that you will spend this day with someone, or love-bombing on yourself, these five steps will make you ready for the Valentine’s Day.



Starting fresh is essential whether you are washing the night away, or you are preparing your skin like a blank canvas before make-up.
Choose the best facial cleanser for your skin type: extremely oily skin can use a foamy cleanser that removes excess sebum, impurities and bacteria accumulated over the hours. For normal skin we recommend double cleansing: starting with a creamy cleanser that encapsulates dirt particles, followed by a sudsy cleanser to wash greasiness away.
Dry skin needs to add hydration and moisture at every step of the skincare routine so a creamy cleanser is the best option to go with.

Naturalia Sintesi’s facial cleanser are:

Foamy Cleanser: Pufac Cleansing Mousse – Creamy Cleanser: Cleansing Cream Extra Mild





Show your skin some needed love by choosing a highly hydrating serum and cream. For those with oily skin, you don’t need to be afraid of highly hydrating products: the right formulation will hydrate your skin without stimulating the sebum-producing glands of the skin and prevent shininess.
Naturalia Sintesi puts a special focus on anti-ageing: we formulate all our products adding hydrating, rejuvenating and strengthening active ingredients.

    Naturalia Sintesi’s serums and creams:

    Oily Skin: Pufac Twin Serum and Cream  -  Normal Skin: Melaut Intens + Eau Noble – Dry Skin: Second Life Matrix Repair + Claregen Sensitive.

    Discover more creams here, and more serums here.





    The skin of the under-eye area is a completely different game: it is so thin and delicate that active ingredients contained in many facial moisturizers would react too strongly causing unwanted reactions.
    We want you to have a bright and glowing sparkle in your eyes every day, but on Valentine’s Day especially! A little more TLC for under eyes on this day will help you look well-rested and more luminous.
    As always you should look into the under-eye cream’s ingredients and go for the one that is going to help you brighten, de-puff, correct or hydrated that areas the most.
    Choose Arnica Montana and Hyaluronic Acid to deeply hydrate and brighten dark circles or use Golden Root (Rhodiola Rosea) extract and Cica (Centella Asiatica) to de-puff under-eye bags.

      Naturalia Sintesi’s under-eye products:

      Lift & Light Gel DrenanteLift & Light Intenscream – Together + under-eye patches in Lift & Light +





      We often over-look our body skincare even though that also shows signs of ageing. As always, the first and most important step to avoid it is hydration. After a full-on facial skincare, take Valentine’s Day as your excuse to spend extra 5 minutes in the shower and scrub the week away with a body scrub.
      A good scrub won’t make your skin feel tight and dry when you step out of the shower, and it will prepare your skin to receive the precious active ingredients of the body lotion or cream that you are going to apply.

        Naturalia Sintesi’s scrub, Natural Scrub is filled with nourishing and moisturizing oils to avoid that ashy look. Apply 4 Active Body Lotion, a blend of essential oils in a creamy and fast-absorbing formula that firms and hydrate your skin.





        Last but not least: hands and feet, really the cherry on top of your skincare routine for this special day. Well-kept hands and feet are a simple and effective way to elevate any outfit, from casual to the most elegant; and you never know when you need to take a photo of your ring finger ;) Naturalia Sintesi’s hand and foot creams contain anti-ageing and hydrating active ingredients that have been selected for their ability to help the skin heal wounds and keep it soft and nourished.

          Discover more on our Hand Cream and Foot Cream.




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