6 Tips you probably haven’t tried for dark circles and under eye bags

You are sleeping 7+ hours per night, staying hydrated, applying retinol and SPF but you still have those dark circles and under eye bags? We compiled 7 tips to properly take care of your under-eye that you probably haven’t tried yet.

Fine texture, even complexion and clear skin might not be enough to achieve that bright and refreshed look we all strive to, if your under eyes aren’t receiving the right TLC.

Let’s start talking about ingredients: not all under eye creams are the same. Identify the right one for you depending on the ingredients list.

1. Eye creams are not all the same. Choose the right ingredients for your needs.

Improve fine lines with retinoid (prescription-based), retinol (over-the-counter options), vitamin A derivative or peptides.
Lighten hyperpigmentation caused by improper sun exposure with arbutin, hydroquinone, kojic acid, vitamin C, soy extracts, niacinamide (vitamin B3), azelaic acid.
De-puff and drain under eye bags with caffeine, green tea or willow herb extracts.


 2. Are you vitamin K deficient? 

Vitamin K helps maintain the skin capillaries healthy and participates with collagen to strengthen them. There are a lot of under eye cream with added vitamin K but you can get higher amounts of it by including leafy greens and soybeans into your diet.



 3. Cool down the skin to tighten up the blood vessels.

Beside applying cucumber slices on the eyes, that still make a great addition to any at-home spa night, circling the eyes with ice cubes is also very beneficial. Do it 2 times per week, drawing a circle around your eye, going from the under eye up the eyebrow bone. Remember to not linger in one spot but always keep the ice cube moving to avoid burning the skin.



4. Protect your eyes with sunglasses

A major cause of skin dryness is exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Therefore, adequate protection is a must and the best way to do that is to wear sunglasses.

If you consider buying sunglasses to protect your eyes, look for a pair of sunglasses with 100% UV protection certification.



5. Quit smoking. 

Smoking is a bad idea for multiple reasons that we all know. Other than the most obvious health problems, smoking depletes your body’s vitamin C, which is responsible for producing collagen. Vitamin C deficiency leads to skin discolouration, wrinkles and dark circles. The best part is that you will immediately notice improvements after 10-14 days.



 6. Waxing might be too much. Consider threading.

Since they don’t involve harsh chemicals waxing and sugaring are oftentimes the best short-term solution for body hair removal. However, they could easily damage the outer layer of the skin of the eye area, as it is very thin and sensitive. Erroneous waxing practice and a not-so-gentle hand can cause sagging and dry skin, as well as discolouration and irritation.

Try one or all of these tips and take care of your eye area with the right products, and the right ingredients.

We recommend Lift & Light Intenscream for a brightening action on dark circles and Lift & Light Drenante to drain and de-puff under eye bags.

Get them together in a practical kit with 6 under-eye patches to carry out an effective under eye treatment: Lift & Light +.

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