CoVid-19 alert: But not for your skin! Victoria’s testimony.

If you’re reading this, then you are probably just like me sitting in your pyjamas or loungewear, on your sofa or home ‘office’ feeling like a slob because you’ve let yourself indulge in one too many cakes. Don’t get me wrong those cakes were made at home and are probably healthier than what you’d buy in a supermarket – not to mention the satisfaction you get from both cooking and eating it. No one’s judging you, don’t worry, nor are we saying you should stop. But you should absolutely feel comfortable in your own skin and not have to worry about applying extra make-up to cover over up those anxiety or one-too-many cake spots. Or even more, the Vitamin D we’ve all been depriving our body of after being stuck inside.

We understand you because, well, we are you.

Naturalia Sintesi team is going through exactly what every other woman in the world is going through. But the clever ladies behind these natural…ia products have worked super hard to make easy skincare routines that will make us look like the goddesses we were born to be. Trust me; I’m glowing. I would take a picture, but I’m still in my PJs on the sofa, so not exactly decent, but my skin is.

And I’ll tell you my skin is by no means perfect, actually here’s a list of everything wrong with it: I have blackheads, enlarged pores, breakouts, dark circles, scarring from previous acne and on top of all of that, my skin is quite sensitive too. So literally, any product that’s too strong will turn my face into a tomato.

Now it’s been two weeks since I’ve begun using Naturalia Sintesi’s products and I cannot tell you the difference it has made. Firstly I start my day by using the Cleansing Cream Extra Mild – a super delicate cleanser that removes all the impurities and gunk I’ve managed to collect on my face overnight. Then I use Refining Lotion – sidenote – please use a cotton pad, don’t use your hands, you’ll literally end up throwing most of the product down the drain – and if you knew that already, well, what can I say, I’m not a beautician! Finally, I put on some cream. Last week I used Face Cream 1st Step, which was super light but hydrating and left my skin feeling all dewy and fresh – a great way to start the day. I’d recommend this cream for make-up wearers as it left me skin feeling like it could breathe and soft.

I did, however, change this last step a couple of times this week, only when I decided to go outside for my sanctioned one-hour of outdoor activities. So, After 1st Step Cream, I applied Naturalia Sintesi’s sunscreen, Sun Experience SPF 30. What can I say, IT SMELT AMAZING! And my skin soaked it all up immediately. I left the house in under 5 minutes after application. And after spending perhaps a couple of extra hours outside, I came back home feeling as though I had gotten a bit of a tan, but my face was so protected that I was in no ways burnt or even pink.

Going back to my daily routine – I don’t know if you ladies have ever just gotten a bit bored and decided to apply a mask or some toner while your colleagues are going on and on about something boring about work. Now, because you’re at the computer, use Eau Noble, a super-intensive hydrating cream that will undo all the damage that screen time has done. Also, it smells like vanilla, so it’s a great snack. I’m joking obviously, please don’t do that.

And if you’re feeling brave or you’re sure you won’t get looped into another Zoom meeting, I suggest you try the Second Life Bright Cream-Mask. Once you’ve tried this, you can literally throw away – or give to your husband – all of your Anti-ageing masks. They’re trash, trust me. I don’t know how to describe it other than after using it; I felt like I had a new face. My expression lines and wrinkles were totally gone, reaching a great softness and new radiance.

And finally, my favourite part of the day: bath time. I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s become a ritual. I fill the tub up, put the oil, salt in, blah blah, you know how it goes. But, you must add this step to your routine: the scrub. I used all their scrubs, and my favourite is the Bioshaping System Natural Scrub. It’s got hazelnut and apricot in it, which I think makes it’s so delicate and fast-acting. You immediately see and feel the results. My legs were so smooth, I can’t, I mean, no I won’t get into it, but trust me once you use this you’ll be rubbing your legs on everything you see in disbelief at how smooth they are!

And finally, I used their Modelling Cell Complex H, Special Feet repair Cream (I also have dry heals – don’t judge) and finish off by cleansing, toning, moisturising and balancing my face with the Cleansing Cream, Refining Lotion and Pufac Twin Serum & Cream. Your body and face will thank you for giving it all that natural goodness you’ve just given it. And, most importantly, you’ll feel great, even if you do end up eating all of that chocolate cake!

After trying a range of their products how you can read, I have found my perfect and balanced beauty routine for my skin type with Naturalia Sintesi!



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