Discover 2024 skincare & beauty trends – what will the future skincare innovation be?

Naturalia Sintesi wants you to be ahead of trends, and this is why we have scouted the internet in order to draft a forecast on what 2024 skincare and beauty trends might look like.

Read more to discover 2024 skincare & beauty trends and to be the first to know what future skincare innovations can bring.

Even though the covid-19 pandemic hasn’t had a massive influence on the beauty industry in 2023, the world’s political and economic situation has certainly affected our buying behaviour. The rapid improvement in technology, which intends for it to fit into all aspects of our daily lives, is also breaking into skincare and beauty.


The first 2024 skincare trend we want to talk about is exactly about AI. AI (Artificial Intelligence), AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) will provide us with tools, softwares and technologies to better understand our skin and metabolism in order to create bespoke treatments.
“AI will permeate the beauty industry in the form of personalized recommendations, virtual try-on experiences and data-driven insights.” (1)
AIs will be built with the specific purpose of analyzing our lifestyles and environments in order to deliver hyper-specific and consumer-tailored experiences, whilst VR technologies will be helpful in providing recommendations and tutorials making semi-professional treatments easier to perform at home.


AI will also help skincare lovers understand ingredients, INCI lists and formulation. This new desire for understanding the science behind skincare stems from the need of more holistic approach to health, which also translates to skincare and beauty. 2024 skincare trends will see an increase in skincare that can help us connect more deeply with our minds. “Practices like psychodermatology and neurocosmetics will gain traction with consumers around the world.” (1).
In 2024 we will see more products that want to improve not only our skin, but our minds too, with aromatherapy ingredients that lower stress and anxiety, and that help us into mindfulness and meditation practices, which ultimately will have a positive impact into our skincare.



Finally, the third 2024 skincare and beauty trend we want to mention is the return of simplicity in the skincare world, for what concern the quantity of products that make up a skincare routine, and for the product itself. This means skincare lovers will increasingly focus on the selection of ingredients, the formulation and proven long-term results, and will pay less and less attention to the design marketing campaigns.  
In 2024 we will see more simple packagings, more thorough explanations of the product’s benefits and ingredients, to create a sense of understated luxury. “Consumer focus will shift away from amassing an extensive collection of products to curating a carefully selected range of high-quality essentials.” (1).


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