Enhance your self-love journey with skincare - 5 ways

This Valentine’s Day 2024 is going to be all about self-love and self-care.
We would like to guide you through some practices that will help You be Your Valentine’s for this February 14th. Read more to discover some self-love practices that you can integrate into your weekly routine.

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Let’s start understanding why skincare is the perfect way to begin your self-love journey:

As beauty and skincare lovers we reckon that beautiful smell, textures and products add a little spark of excitement to our daily life. The minutes we take to complete our skincare routine are part of a moment that is only ours, when we can concentrate on ourselves alone, that can ground and relax us. In addition, taking some time to carry out our skincare routine gives us a mental break from the day’s worries and tasks.


The morning or nighttime skincare routine can be a great opportunity to say some positive affirmations out loud, while you are already looking at yourself in the mirror. You can repeat, as a mantra, your many good qualities, or what you want to achieve during the day. We recommend looking at yourself in the mirror and repeat “I look beautiful”, “I am unique”, “I am important”.


Self-love also allows you to slow down. In the evening, when you are ready to call it a day, why not pamper yourself with a hot bubbly bath? Warm water, nice smelling bath bombs, candles and music or a book or your favourite tv show.


You can view skincare as a special little treat that you use to reward yourself at the end of the day, because you deserved it. Have you daily skincare product on display and, maybe separate or in a position where it can stand out, a premium product, maybe a lotion, or a luxury serum, which will make your skincare routine feel more special when you decide to have a little treat.


Schedule your skincare routine on the calendar or set an alarm: for the next five minutes, your skin is the priority. This is how skincare can also help you with your self-love journey. Blocking out some time every day for your skincare routine on your calendar will remind you of this little self-love practice.


Smells and fragrances have the power to affect our mental state. This is the principle behind aromatherapy. Why not choose to integrate a bit of aromatherapy into your daily life? Choose skincare products that have your favourite scents, maybe coconut or almond or citruses. Smelling good will affect your self-confidence, which is part of the journey to self-love.

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