Forza Italia – why Choosing Naturalia Sintesi for Your Salon is a Savvy Business Decision

Choosing the right brands to stock and use in any salon or spa is a complex decision – one where knowing your customers and your market really matters. As a salon owner, you may personally love a particular brand, but if the products or treatments themselves do not resonate with your customers, it’s easy to find yourself out of pocket, wondering how you have ended up with a lot of unsold stock on your shelves and what you can do to move it.

In times like these, where no business decision should be taken lightly, finding the right brand to partner with (because it should be viewed as a partnership, with mutual support, communication and knowledge sharing), is more important than ever, to help ensure that the relationship you settle on works not only for your business and brand but for your customers too.

So, why should you choose Naturalia Sintesi?

Quality of ingredients is the difference between ‘skincare’ and ‘great skincare’. From the percentages and purity of individual component ingredients to the molecular weight and quality, there can be a huge variance between products which contain a ‘hero’ ingredient. In some products, such a small amount of the key ingredient is used that efficacy is limited, or it’s a poor-quality version of an ingredient contained within, that is only truly effective when used in greater concentrations of optimal quality.

Likewise, it’s all-too-easy to get star-struck by the latest brands and treatments entering the beauty market. We frequently see a reworking of an old product, re-packaged with a lot of marketing money behind it, which is labelled as ‘new,’ or, on the flip side, a truly-new product or treatment containing scarcely-tested ingredients, with barely-proven results. While one single (potentially unverified) lab test may indeed show incredible results, any comparison to other products which could also demonstrate similarly positive results is absent. That or testing has been carried out on such a small sample group that the new wonder product does not stand up to the same level of scrutiny if it is independently evaluated.

Naturalia Sintesi’s product lines bear the prestigious ‘Made in Italy’ certification, which we have already discussed in a previous blog post. This assures the product ingredients’ quality and provenance. Naturalia Sintesi’s treatments, protocols and products are also certified by CIDESCO, the worldwide leader in beauty training. This means that stockists are assured that they are investing in ‘gold standard’ products and treatments, with independent quality assurances.

Proven heritage – 40 years of experience

Naturalia Sintesi’s own integral laboratory and pharmaceutical research team have been carefully studying active skincare ingredients for over 40 years, and their partnership with Niccolò Cusano University in Rome means that these studies have the advantage of being thoroughly tested and verified in both clinical and real-life conditions. Their R&D team has even won coveted awards for their research and development in skincare.

Maximising revenues

New products with huge marketing budgets and celebrity endorsements are only too common in the beauty industry. It’s so easy to be wowed by them and think that this new product or treatment is the thing that is going to revolutionise your salon or spa revenues. (Think of all those lash growth serums on retail shelves and LED face masks sitting idle in salons up and down the country).

Quite often, before too long, everyone else is offering the latest ‘must-have’ too. Competition increases, which forces a price war, only for the product to be overtaken by ‘the next big thing,’ leaving your investment as yesterday’s news, with stock on the shelves that are difficult to sell or expensive salon equipment sitting unused. Becoming one of the early Naturalia Sintesi salons in the UK brings an undoubtable cachet of exclusivity, with the assurance of proven results and a substantial track record from their Italian counterparts.

Meanwhile, some salons choose to invest heavily in retail-only products with no treatments or protocols to be able to use those products in a treatment, or they only have treatment-only products with no potential for aftercare sales (think of radiofrequency or Cryolipolysis). Choosing a brand which offers proven treatments (without any costly equipment investment) and home-use products, ensures salon and spa’s profits are optimally maximised.

No minimum order

For a limited time, Naturalia Sintesi is offering salons and spas the opportunity to purchase with no minimum order value and free delivery on orders over £500. With the addition of in-salon training, (rather than needing to take key staff out of the business to learn the treatments) – that represents great value. This partnership approach with free support from Naturalia Sintesi’s dedicated team gives businesses the best possible platform to introduce a new brand to their salon.

Naturalia Sintesi does not insist on salons taking on an extensive retail range that is not necessarily targeted at the salon’s target market or try to push their salons into taking on a minimum order or hard to sell products. There are no minimum stock levels to be maintained. Being able to initially only choose the products and treatments that you know your customers will love, reduces any risk of wasted investment. Only when customers are sold on Naturalia Sintesi because of the results they have seen does a salon need to consider rolling out new treatments or product lines.

For example, Naturalia Sintesi’s product line for acne, Pufac AD3, could be a great addition for salons and spas catering to a younger audience, while those with an older client base could consider initially only introducing the anti-ageing line, Second Life. This low-risk, flexible option gives salons the opportunity to diversify or bolster their offerings without taking on extensive and unnecessary risk during what are undoubtedly uncertain times. More diverse product or treatment lines can be considered for inclusion when the market, not the supplier is ready.

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