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Let’s be honest: 2020 has been one of the worst years in recent times the UK has had to face, both economically wise and socially wise. If fast-approaching Brexit wasn’t enough for small businesses and self-employed people, a whole new pandemic came through to spice things up even more.

As Covid-19 is about to celebrate its first birthday and people are starting to accept this “new normal”, one thing is for sure: this virus is here to stay, at least for some time more. So, everyone is wondering if and how things are going to change; basically: what does the future hold?

Since this past year has been extremely hard – to say the least – for UK’s working force, it is normal that many of us are not looking forward to 2021 and to what Brexit (deal or no-deal) can bring to the table. A lot of small businesses, especially those related to the beauty industry, have been forced to remain closed during the first lockdown, loosing clients, streams of income, and sometimes this led to the permanent closure of business. And now again, beauty salons and spas have to face another month-long lockdown.

Naturalia Sintesi is here to give you some hope. Read this useful information gathered from

“Here are several ways beauty-product sales are changing:

  • Increased online sales are not offsetting the decline in in-store sales. Some beauty-product brands and retailers with inventory and shipment operations ready to scale up are reporting e-commerce sales twice as high as their pre-COVID-19 levels. Overall, we think 20 to 30 percent growth will be more typical. Sephora’s US online sales are reportedly up 30 percent versus 2019, as were Amazon’s beauty-product sales for the four-week period ending April 11. In China, McKinsey research has seen online revenues for beauty-industry players rise 20 to 30 percent during the outbreak. These figures are in line with what beauty-product consumers are reporting in McKinsey COVID-19 Consumer Pulse Surveys.
  • Beauty-product sales at essential retailers are down. While brick-and-mortar drugstores and mass-market and grocery stores remain open, their customer traffic and revenues have plummeted. The Boots UK drugstore chain reported its overall sales fell by two-thirds between March 25 and April 3, 2020, with beauty-product revenues contributing to the decline. Surveyed UK consumers say they expect to spend around 50 percent less on beauty products than usual in the next two weeks.
  • China shows the return to in-store shopping could be slow and differentiated. Despite store reopenings in China starting the week of March 13 and reports of “revenge spending,” sales have not fully bounced back. As of mid-April, 90 percent of drugstores, supermarkets, beauty-product specialty retailers, and department stores in China had reopened. However, depending on the sector and type of store, traffic remains down 9 to 43 percent compared with pre-COVID-19 levels. Mall-based stores have proven slower to recover. Even after reopening, around 60 percent of large malls in China report a 30 to 70 percent decrease in sales, year on year, in the first quarter of 2020.
  • Retailers and brands are turning to promotions to bring in consumers and clear inventory. In an uncharacteristic move, several prestige brands are offering discounts online of up to 40 percent, competing with specialty beauty-product and department stores to capture promotion-oriented consumers. Promotions also help move unsold seasonal inventory. As beauty-product brick-and-mortar stores reopen, we expect to see more promotions aimed at reclaiming customer foot traffic. “

[ – Article by Emily Gerstell, Sophie MarchessouJennifer Schmidt, and Emma Spagnuolo]

Naturalia Sintesi’s Mission has always been to help beauty salons helping their clients. To do that, our scientists devoted themselves to design non-invasive products that are truly capable to bring you and your clients the best results. Our motto is: “Combining nature and science for instant results. Your success is our responsibility”


We dare to say the current uncertain situation and pandemic can be a positive factor for you and your business. We dare to say not only you can stay afloat during a dry season, but you can also let your business thrive and grow. We dare to say, all this is possible and quickly doable with NATURALIA SINTESI.

Our business offer is simple yet really effective: you can passively earn a commission for every product that your clients buy on our online shop!

How can this be done?

What you need to do is recommend your clients the best NS skin-care and body-care products depending on what their need are. Since Naturalia Sintesi’s products are exclusive to retail at beauty salons and spas, your clients will have to receive an invitation in order to be able to purchase the products.

To receive the invitation, you will simply have to send us the client’s email address, and we will take care of the rest!

And this is it! From now on, every time your client completes an order on Naturalia Sintesi online shop, you receive a commission on the final sale price!

Naturalia Sintesi’s at-home care products are designed to improve and maintain the results beauty salon and spas clients achieve at their preferred salon. We offer a full range of products that aim to treat facial and body problems, from acne to cellulite, from anti-aging to reshaping treatments. To view our at-home beauty care products click here (face care) and here (body care).

Beauty salons and spas owners simply have to act as a bridge between Naturalia Sintesi certified specialties and client satisfaction. You don’t even have to deal with shipping! We will take care of that too.

In a world that is running towards digitalization of almost every aspect of daily life, beauty salons and spas don’t have to take the back seat. Naturalia Sintesi is here to help you lead the next era of the beauty industry!

Ultimately, what we propose to you today, is to continue doing what you are good at, to continue doing  what your clients chooses you for: your professionality, your care for your clients’ wellbeing and your passion for beauty. You and Naturalia Sintesi share these qualities and we believe we can help each others develop a new cutting-edge business plan.

You will not have to fear the next pandemic or lockdown. You will not have to call your clients asking them to put on hold that facial or body treatment.

If you manage or own a beauty salon or spa, and want to receive more information on how you can start earning more and growing your business today, contact us at or call us – 02080590098

If you are a beauty salon or spa client and are interested in purchasing Naturalia Sintesi products, ask your aesthetician for an invitation to Naturalia Sintesi's shop


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