Made in Italy – A True Trademark of Quality.

What do the words ‘Made in Italy’ evoke in you? They may bring to mind the clean, classic lines and flawlessly designed aesthetics of a Ferrari, or perhaps the timeless, elegant cut of a beautifully tailored Prada suit.

If you are a gourmand, you may be familiar with the DOCG certification that is applied to authentic Italian food and drink, such as wine, olive oil and parmesan cheese. It signifies that consumers are buying the real deal – quality, artisanally-produced products which have been made in Italy, according to traditional methods and processes. It’s a mark of assurance and of quality that symbolises the testament to the care and devotion that goes into the production of those items.

If, on the other hand, you’re a fashionista, you may know that designer leather goods manufacturer Bottega Veneta hand-weave their items in the Veneto region, by master leatherworkers who are extensively trained in their craft, undertaking years of training to hone their skills. Each Intricate woven leather bag takes around two full days for two artisans to complete. Understandably, the brand wears its ‘Made in Italy’ badge with pride.

The Smoke and Mirrors of Skincare

With the advent of more and more beauty suppliers and supposed ‘game-changing’ products for both salons and consumers available to buy online, choosing the right products can often be little more than a shot in the dark. Whether it’s a new product line for a beauty salon or a range of skincare for home use, there is a myriad to choose from, all boasting incredible (sometimes quite unbelievable) results. However, many of these emergent brands have little to no history, heritage and credentials to back up their claims. Instead, they rely heavily on savvy search engine optimisation, online advertising, unsubstantiated promises and questionable reviews to sell a dream, rather than a reality.

That’s before we even get to the lookalike brands available, which pertain to be ‘dupes’ and promise an identical job to a well-known branded product, at a fraction of the price. The issue with these brands is that there is often very little traceability. If a customer suffers a reaction or the product rapidly deteriorates, there is frequently very little comeback.

Sometimes, while an ingredient list may be almost identical to a high performing product, the percentage of the ingredients which deliver results can be reduced to a fractionally small amount which won’t have any substantial impact, or a synthetic alternative active ingredient is used that is cheaper and has less efficacy than its flagship counterpart. In skincare, even the molecular weight of an active ingredient can play a huge role in its effectiveness, with imitator brands often using the least expensive versions of the compound, simply to claim that their product contains it. Savvy consumers know this and understand that the old adage is true – most of the time, you get what you pay for.

Why ‘Made in Italy’ Matters

How does ‘Made in Italy’ translate to skincare? Italian women are known for their glamour and elegance around the world. Think of Monica Belucci, Elisabetta Canalis, Isabella Rosselini. They take their skincare and self-care seriously. For all the ‘dolce vita’ of the Italian life, regular trips to the salon and strict beauty regimes are mandatory to keep them radiant, supple and at their most beautiful – at any age. In Italy, skincare and self-care isn’t just a nice thing to do for oneself as a treat – it’s a way of life.

As a result of their artisanal heritage, it is in the Italian’s DNA to expect premium products, and they expect that ‘premium’ value to come from the quality of ingredients used, the heritage of the company they choose and also the customer service they provide. Italians are harsh critics – if it isn’t well made and doesn’t get results, it will fail. It’s that simple. So, to understand that Naturalia Sintesi has been operating in Italy for over 40 years, and harnesses the biotechnology (created in Italy), the ingredients (formulated in Italy) and the pharmaceutical knowledge (developed in Italy) with traceable, proven manufacturing processes which deliver quality and effectiveness means, put simply, that they are doing something right.

Naturalia Sintesi products are all certified by the ITPI – the ‘Istituto per la Tutela dei Produttori Italiani (that’s the Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers,’ to you and I). The ITPI’s mission is threefold:

  • To ensure that genuine Italian products are transparent and guaranteed
  • To give accreditation to real Italian products, and
  • To help promote Italian projects around the world.

Having ITPI certification is the mark of quality and excellence and genuine Italian know-how. This means that all of Naturalia Sintesi’s products are audited and checked to ensure they follow Italian legislation to be able to claim the ‘Made in Italy’ certification and quality standards. It also means that all products are traceable, guaranteed genuine and meet strict criteria when it comes to quality assurance.

Worldwide Assurance

Naturalia Sintesi’s quality assurance goes beyond bearing the ‘Made in Italy’ certification. The company’s products, treatments and protocols are also certified by CIDESCO – widely recognised as delivering the highest level of beauty therapist training and standards in the world. Couple this dedication to worldwide quality assurance with Naturalia Sintesi’s partnership with the Niccolo Cusano University in Rome, where they develop game-changing beauty products, which harness biotechnology with skincare. The result is a range of products which are not only fully traceable and formulated with the highest quality ingredients but also deliver the best possible science in skincare for proven results.

This is why reputable salons choose to only work with established brands who can detail complete ingredient listings, demonstrate proven results and success, and have a history and heritage to back up their brand assurance. Naturalia Sintesi – now available in the UK – and it’s ‘Made in Italy’ assurance, brings new levels of expertise and experience along with quality ingredients to the (beauty) table. After all, 40 years of happy Italian customers can’t be wrong.