TikTok's skincare community predicts 3 trends that will disappear by 2023. Discover which ones and stay ahead of trends!

TikTok is quickly becoming The social media, where funny and engaging videos can be found but also where many different communities gather to share their passion and expertise. Nowadays TikTok offers much more than fun little choreographies: everyday a growing beauty and skincare community shares tips and tricks on skincare. Naturalia Sintesi UK has tried to sum up what the skincare-tok predicts for 2023. Which skincare trends are doomed to disappear, and which are going to take over in 2023?

Naturalia Sintesi UK has compiled 3 trends that TikTok skin-care community predicts won't make it to 2023, plus 2 bonus trends that we reckon will blow up. Read more to be ahead of the trend and discover new skin-care routines.

1- DIY Skin-care

TikTok users seem to agree on this one: DIY skin-care will decrease in the next few months. Part of the reason is the growing awareness that people have developed towards skin damages caused by improper DIY preparations: like burns caused by using lemon juice in a moisturiser recipe, or fungal acne caused by micro lesions on the skin after a harsh sugar/salt scrub. DIY skin-care also presents another major health-hazards: the stigmatization of preservatives has caused people to completely avoid using them. Because many DIYers create their own skin-care in non-sterile spaces, the lack of preservatives creates the perfect growing environment for bacteria, fungi and infections.

2- Slugging to achieve "Glass Skin"

“Glass skin” is that radiant, almost mirror-like effect that perfectly moisturised, smooth and hydrated skin can achieve. The term comes for K-beauty and it has become a highly sought-after skin-care goal. To get our skin to that level of perfection, TikTok users started to recommend “slugging”, which has been a one-hit wonder of the past couple of months of 2022. It basically consists of applying a relatively thick layer of petroleum jelly to the skin overnight, to wake up to a plumper and glowy complexion. This trend is said to be already dying as more and more people discover the pore-clogging properties of petroleum-based products. Yes, your skin will be moisturised and plump, but prepare to experience whiteheads, clogged and enlarged pores. 

3- 10-step skincare routine

Another K-beauty trend that dominated the skin-care community for the best part of the last 2 years is “10-step” Skin Care. Long-gone are the days when we needed 3 types of cleansers, 2 different serums (water-based and oil), spray mists, moisturisers, eye patches, sheet masks and more, twice per day, every day.
2023 (and the rising cost of living) will bring us a much-awaited return to simplicity, with fewer skin-care steps that don’t over-saturate the skin with ingredients. Another perk of a simpler skin-care routine is the lower risk of mixing active ingredients that really aren’t supposed to work together, causing chemical reactions and damage to the skin. 


Now, on a more positive note, here are some skin-care trends TikTok is predicting are going to blow up in the next months. 


The rise of body skincare

When we think of skin-care it’s easy to have images of serums, face mists, moisturisers, toners come to mind: all skin-care products specific for the face skin.
However, many TikTok users and skin-care lovers reckon that in 2023 we will focus more on our body skin, with more brands launching serums, toners, and exfoliators formulated specifically for the body.
It really is interesting to think how this newfound interest for perfecting the skin complexion of the body, will affect not only the beauty and fashion industry, but also the body positivity movement.


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Injectable skincare

Lastly, the fifth skin-care trend that will definitely become more popular in 2023 is injectable boosters.
The gap between skin-care and minimally invasive procedures is closing rapidly, with laser peels, hydrafacials and dermabrasions being only some examples. Injectable skin-care is coming to the industry with a logical and simple idea, at a point in time when people are becoming more and more accepting of invasive procedures. Injectable skin-care takes the problem of getting active ingredients – hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamin C, etc. – deeper into the skin layers, and solves it by injecting boosters into the bloodstream through an IV (intravenous injection).

As 2023 approaches, with only 2 months left to go, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the skin-care community.

One thing is for sure: we will hear it first on TikTok.

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