The best EXFOLIATION COMBO for your skin: Glycolic Acid Sales For Your Skincare

To contribute to a great start for your 2023, Naturalia Sintesi has created a special promotion tailored around the many properties of Glycolic acid. Two of your most loved exfoliating products are now half price: don’t miss Pufac Cleansing Mousse and Anti Aging Complex, both 50% discounted until 20th January 2023. Hurry up and create your exfoliating and brightening skincare routine.

If you don’t know about the many benefits of Glycolic acid, don’t worry, read more to learn why glycolic acid is one of the most loved active ingredients of the skincare industry.


Glycolic acid is one of everyone’s favourite active ingredients. Although it is already used to

formulate complex exfoliators, more and more people now search for just the active ingredient to obtain a more targeted and controlled exfoliation experience.
Glycolic acid can be found in plants such as beets, sugarcane and fruits but nowadays it is more often lab-synthetized to ensure availability and to cut costs; it is part of a bigger group of acids called alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs).
The main benefit of glycolic acid is of course its ability to dissolve dead skin cells and oils, thus improving skin conditions and texture. The reason why glycolic acid is so effective is due to its small molecular structure, which is able to sink deeper into the skin layers.

Not only an exfoliator, glycolic acid is also: 

  • Humectant: Glycolic acid attracts and binds water to skin cells;
  • Antibacterial: Glycolic acid can inhibit the growth of bacteria.
  • Anti-aging: Glycolic acid can reduce some of the processes that cause signs of skin aging and sun damage by increasing the skin’s collagen and hyaluronic acid content. This results in a plumper and tighter skin volume.
  • Detoxing: by removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells, glycolic acid promotes a better removal of toxins, helping the skin metabolism to detoxify. 


Because of its many properties, glycolic acid can be used to aid different skin conditions and blemishes. 

People struggling with active acne (especially comedonal) or acne scars, sun spots or generic hyperpigmentation, get most recommended to use skincare formulas that feature glycolic acid. However, this active ingredient can also greatly benefit people with mature skin showing signs of ageing like fine lines, crow’s feet slackening skin tissue.
In fact, glycolic acid can increase the skin levels of hyaluronic acid, which keep the skin moisturized; it boosts collagen production, which gives structure to the skin; it supports fibroblasts and keratinocytes in their skin repairing and regeneration functions; and it improves the quality of elastin, a fibre that provides elasticity and softness to the skin.

As in all things, moderation when applying glycolic acid is key: keep in mind you are removing a layer of dead cells that, besides clogging your pores, was also protecting the deeper skin layers from UV rays. Using too much, or too strong (meaning in too high percentage) glycolic acid can cause irritation and damage. When using products that contain glycolic acid, you are not supposed to experience burning or excessive tingling. If so happens, it means you are using too much product, a product that has a too high percentage of glycolic acid, or that your skin might be too sensitive and you should opt for milder chemical exfoliants like lactic acid or PHAs.




At Naturalia Sintesi we love glycolic acid and we use it to deliver all those above-mentioned results: anti-age, plump, exfoliation, brightness, hydration. Don’t miss Naturalia Sintesi’s EXFOLIATION COMBO tailored around glycolic acid and its many benefits. Enjoy Anti Aging Complex and Pufac Cleansing Mousse now at 50% OFF. 

ANTI AGING COMPLEX is Naturalia Sintesi’s most loved chemical exfoliant, because it can be integrated in your weekly skincare routine at-home or used at beauty salons to carry out facials and body treatments.
The greatness of Anti Aging Complex resides in its simple yet effective formula: 15% Glycolic acid and 1,3-Beta-glucan which is great at boosting the production of fibroblasts and elastin fibres.

PUFAC CLEANSING MOUSSE is especially designed for people suffering from acne. Besides Glycolic acid, its formula features Lactic acid which helps hydrate the skin. The many plant extracts of Pufac Cleansing Mousse are combined to gently remove excess sebum.

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