The many joys of having a professional facial and body treatment done.

For thousands of years Spas have been known for their ability to holistically heal the body. Ancient romans, for example, used to journey in order to bathe in warm mineral spring water. Today, going to a spa doesn’t mean you will only find deep relaxation, but also rejuvenation and aesthetic results.

Most of the time spas offer treatments like facials, body massages and even more structured regiments in order to achieve your dreamed result.

We believe the new trend of DIY will not replace the experience of going to a salon or spa, and here is why:

Unlike beauty salons where the sole focus is on your outer body and skin, spas provide a holistic experience. While the massage relaxes your muscles, the aromatic oils take care of your senses and help calm your mind. Moreover, the oils, scrubs, and body wraps used provide a nice glow to your skin. Naturalia Sintesi has many different options in this regard: check our BIOSHPAING SYSTEM TREATMENT – Nourishing and Draining

Regular visits to the spa will aid you in your weight loss regimen. Along with working out at the gym and dieting to lose weight, massages help speed up your weight loss process. Regular massages coupled with exercises also help you to maintain your weight in the long run. Our INFORMA TRIELASTON SLIMPLUS TREATMENT – Slimming Wraps is one of Naturalia Sintesi’s jewel in the crown: the perfect aid to every slimming and reshaping regiment.

The pollution we face on a daily basis coupled with our poor eating habits, results in the accumulation of toxins in our bodies. The detox treatments provided by many spas help break down those toxins and flush them out of our systems. Toxins can enter our bodies from external polluting agents such as polluted air and makeup. Naturalia Sintesi powerfully counteracts external pollution effects on your skin with PURE ET LISSE TREATMENT. Our lifestyle can then lead to an unclean diet and irregular skincare routine; this can cause accumulation of toxins. Our DETOXIFYING TREATMENT was designed to detoxify and deeply clean the skin while re-introducing precious vitamins and minerals.

Certain natural ingredients, like beta-glucan and, have anti-aging properties. Regular application of such ingredients helps in keeping the skin looking young and luminous. You can achieve all this without botox injections! SECOND LIFE TREATMENT has been proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, while boosting the produce of collagen and elastin fibres inside the skin cells. This means Second Life Treatment progressively boosts your skin to produce every it needs.

Too much clutter in your mind can stump your inner peace and this can affect your life in the long run. To get your mind back on to the right path a quick visit to the spa might be the first step: spas offer a peaceful atmosphere that will help you relax your mind and body. While you are refreshing your mind, why not also refresh your skin? Our REHYDRATION TREATMENT is perfect to reintroduce moisture into the deeper layers of your skin.

It has been proven that by reducing the levels of stress hormones in the body will lead to a healthier immune system. With one visit to a beauty salon or spa you will also fight diseases and illnesses more effectively.

You work hard and so you can treat yourself to a pampering day every once in a while. Nothing can compare to the sheer luxury of having people indulge your every whim; get a slimming body wrap, have a rejuvenating facial, or a massage with warm essential oils. Relax up and enjoy a day fully dedicated to taking care of your body and mind.

Take some time to be mindful and to present yourself, without distractions. How often do you get to shut out the outside world and engage in some much needed self-introspection? A day at the spa is the perfect time to think about your life in a calm and rationale way. In this age of the smartphones and the internet, an opportunity to spend some quality time with your own self is highly valuable.

And finally, what best moment to return to your favourite spa or salon than now. 2020 has meant stress and frustration to say the least for many of us. After salons re-open we will all benefit from some relaxation and some holistic care, a deep facial cleansing and that full body massage you have always wanted but never got the chance to have gotten. 

There will always be a good reason to pay a visit to your trusted spa and beautician. No bad day at work, no traffic woes, no long queue at the ATM will be good excuses to delay your pampering day. Give yourself a gift: choose your spa, and leave the world and its chaos behind you.