The Modern-Day Dorian Gray – An Italian Approach to Ageing

There’s a time in a woman’s life where accepting the inevitable becomes a reality. We aren’t that young and beautiful girl of our youth anymore. The insecurities of our younger days were, in hindsight, infinitely trivial, and the things that kept us awake at night were nothing we should ever have lost sleepover.

Getting older shouldn’t be a time of doom and gloom. As many women realise, it’s the perfect time to unleash the self-confidence that can only be acquired through life experience. It’s a time to celebrate all the multi-faceted nuances that have made us the women we are. It’s the time to forgive those imperfections that nobody else even sees and accept ourselves for who we are today. Some women understand this implicitly and sail into middle age without a backwards glance while, for others, that transition is fraught with worry. Whichever path we choose, the outcome doesn’t change.

The outcome might not change, but our attitude can. Italian women are renowned for their glamour and confidence, and these cultural beliefs are inherent in all the products that Naturalia Sintesi create, combining science and nature to deliver the best possible results.

The changes:

As we reach our forties, many natural functions in our bodies begin to slow down. Be it our reproductive systems as we move towards peri-menopause, our metabolisms as we find our waistbands become a little tighter, or in our skin’s reducing elasticity as collagen production slows down. It’s simply nature’s way of easing us into a natural and new phase of life. And why shouldn’t we accept and celebrate that new phase? Thankfully, more and more women are realising this, and are seeing ageing as something to celebrate, not commiserate.

Start with skincare:

The changes women in their 40s experience require an adaption of previously long-held skincare routines. What worked for us in our 20s, will not be what our skin needs now we are a little older. As we age, skin becomes more delicate and fragile, meaning that aggressive products which strip the skin of much-needed hydration and moisture do more harm than good. While we still need to nourish the skin, we can also treat it at a cellular level and target key signs of ageing with active ingredients such as retinol and glycolic acids to boost cellular turnover and regeneration.

Products rich in hyaluronic acid can help replenish lost moisture, and wonder ingredients such as beta-glucan can correct, protect and re-educate skin at a cellular level. Skin can also become dull as we age, as a result of reduced blood flow and decreased skin tone. Look for products that boost luminosity to restore a natural, youthful glow. At-home skincare regimens, such as Naturalia Sintesi’s Second Life system, can help address those signs of ageing with pharmaceutically-developed products to address the many issues of maturing skin.

Regular facials:

Skincare experts can tell the difference between women who invest in a regular, monthly facial versus those who don’t. The benefits of regular facials, with gentle exfoliation, a deep massage to help stimulate muscles, cells and fibroblasts with hydrating and goodness-infused ingredients, can help to keep skin radiant and supple. For those who enjoy a technology-led approach to skincare, electrical facials, such as microcurrent, galvanic or radiofrequency can be used, while for such problems as pigmentation or changes in the skin’s texture, peels are a great option.

Never forgo SPF:

Pigmentation is frequently seen in women in their 40s and 50s. These little brown patches of skin are a result of UV damage which may have occurred many years ago. As with most things, prevention is better than cure, and a good SPF, plus an SPF-rich DD, CC or BB cream can keep skin protected while also helping enhance the appearance of our skin. Additionally, as we age, a regular foundation can often look too heavy and cakey, so a lighter formulation, such as Naturalia Sintesi’s DD Idra-Age Cream, is an excellent, lightweight choice with good coverage and active skin-correcting ingredients.

A regular facial peeling treatment, such as Naturalia Sintesi’s Regenatur NG11, actively works to not just radically tackle pigmentation, but also to refine skin texture and help restore a natural, youthful glow.

Face or body?

It was often said that once women reach a certain age, they had to make a choice between their body or their face. Not so! Pharmaceutical-grade skin care extends beyond face care and means that there are many ways that women can care for the skin on their body too. Just as the skin on our face changes as we age, the same can be said for the body. Many of the same issues become visible – lack of hydration and elasticity being the key culprits. Added to this, our circulation slows down, making issues such as cellulite more noticeable.

Daily dry skin brushing to boost circulation and the use of toning and firming products can help ensure the skin on your body doesn’t have to give your age away. Treatments, such as Naturalia Sintesi’s Informa body care range, can help to firm, tone and smooth the skin. Regular exercise, such as yoga or Pilates, can also help to ensure our bodies remain toned and flexible. All forms of exercise – even walking – keep our circulation moving, and boost our lymphatic drainage systems to help, remove excess toxins and cellular waste from the body efficiently.

Don’t neglect nutrition:

While we may have been able to eat all the junk food we wanted in our 20s, as we age, proper nutrition is vital to keep looking and feeling our best. This isn’t just true for

maintaining good skin but, as women near menopause, a well-balanced diet can help to reduce symptoms, help maintain good bone density and keep us in general good health. A varied diet, with lots of good fats, greens and antioxidant- and probiotic-rich ingredients, will undoubtedly show the benefits in a healthier-looking skin.

Collagen supplements can also be a tremendous nutritional weapon in the armoury of ageing well. A long-used ingredient in anti-ageing products for application to the skin, when consumed, collagen can help restore lost radiance and skin volume – and will also benefit hair and nails, and can support joint and bone density. What’s not to love…?

Finding your ‘Gioia di Vivere.

Whatever your approach to skincare, the one thing that can’t be treated by applying products is how we feel about ourselves. Italians are known for their love of life, and there is a lot to be learned from taking a similar approach – eat well, take care of oneself, and don’t take life too seriously (most of the time, at least). Make time to enjoy the little things – those precious moments – remember to laugh along the way, and that inner beauty will inevitably shine through.