The new era of beauty in 2021. How to make clients return to your salon.

Many of us working in the professional beauty industry would be happy to erase and forget the cursed year that was 2020. We all remember too well those images on social media or pieces of news on the TV broadcasting the tragedy that was (and in some parts of the world is) happening especially at the beginning of 2020. 

On March 20th a distressed Prime Minister Boris Johnson reluctantly announced that the United Kingdom would follow the steps of other European countries and declared what was then remembered as the first national lockdown. 

Along with a sigh of relief, uncertainty and fear also sparked, especially among the working class. It was with the same mixture of feelings that UK residents woke up on March 23rd, first official day in the “new normal”, with shops, restaurants, leisure and entertainment centres all closed, until date to be determined.

Finally, after three months of bated breath many businesses received the green light and were able to re-open to customers and clients. 

Unfortunately this wasn’t the case for many shops and salons in the beauty industry, for reasons we all know. For the same reasons that make this industry what it really is.

Beauty salons, spas, hairdressers and nail bars paid a high price, higher than other business activities in other fields, because of the impossibility to continue work while social distancing. The beauty operator must come into the client’s personal space in order to perform a facial or body treatment.

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This inevitable and non-negotiable characteristic of the beauty industry, paired with a bit of neglect by the government towards salons, lead to beauty operators having to deal with greater profit loss. “The latest figures from the National Health and Beauty Federation show that hair salons, beauty salons and barbershops turn over £7.5bn per year in the UK alone. Having been forced to close their doors for a number of months, a spokesperson confirms this means that during lockdown the beauty industry has suffered catastrophic losses of approximately £1.75bn in turnover.” – [Data regarding to first lockdown] Sarah Young: “Beauty in the post-covid era: How the pandemic could change the salon industry forever | The Independent | The Independent

Another important factor that affected this industry was people turning to DIY solutions in an attempt to replicate professionals’ results and artistry. What came from this, we all know: lots of questionable highlights, eye-brow raising gel manicures and nearly-dangerous facial treatments. 

Surveyed people state that embracing their own beauty maintenance routine felt liberating and even empowering. However we simply cannot ignore the fact the non-professionals attempting to perform beauty treatments are at a greater risk of endangering themselves and others as well. This can lead not only to a poor result that will cost more time and money to fix, but also to a waste of time and self-confidence.

The DIY trend doesn’t show signs of stopping soon, so the new challenge of the professional beauty industry will be addressing this new buyer custom, adapt the business to it and ultimately evolve around it.“A recent survey of 1,600 National Health and Beauty Federation members has shown that over three quarters (77 per cent) of beauty professionals feel “very well-prepared” or “as well-prepared as they could be” for reopening when it is safe to do so.” – Sarah Young: “Beauty in the post-covid era: How the pandemic could change the salon industry forever | The Independent | The Independent” .


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Beauty salons, spas, hairdressers, nail bars and barber shops have to highlight the key factors that make the professional treatment worth it of the price, of the time spent, and ultimately of the whole experience.

We, as the beauty industry, are able to achieve long-lasting results thanks to many years spent on training, thanks to our passion about learning new techniques and thanks to always keeping up with new beauty trends.

What clients were paying for is your professionality, that is reflected into “safety”, “experience” and “art”.

Now more than ever beauty professionals have to focus on delivering exceptional experiences, long-lasting results, and safety to their clients.

Naturalia Sintesi’s Mission is to help beauty salons and spas deliver exactly this: exceptional experiences filled with passion, safety and results. We always had beauty operators’ best interest in mind.

This is why we designed a special business plan to help those that don’t want to slow their business and that don’t want the “new normal” to affect their professionalism and their profit flow. 

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We believe beauty therapists’ work doesn’t have to end with the facial or body treatment completion: we believe you can continue taking care of your clients even when they are at home or when you are forced to not receive them to your salon.

Naturalia Sintesi will provide you with customized code through which your clients will be able to purchase NS at-home beauty products to improve the results gained with your professional treatment. Not only will you retain clients and gain customers satisfaction, you will also profit a commission on their purchases without having to deal with delivering the goods – NS will handle it, you will only have to invite your clients to join Naturalia Sintesi’s online shop.

What are you waiting for? The beauty industry’s new and exciting season is here. Don’t miss out! Don’t give in! This is the new era of professional beauty!


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