The science behind natural beauty

One of the most significant beauty and skincare misconceptions of recent times is that science and nature cannot work in harmony to create a beauty routine that is kind to your body, and that also provides results.

We all want reassurance that the products we use on our bodies are natural and contain ingredients that are cruelty-free. Advertisers in the beauty industry have long used terms such as ‘organic’ and ‘green’ to convince consumers that a scientific approach to producing cosmetic ingredients is unnatural and damaging to our environment.

But what if a sympathetic combination of nature-inspired knowledge and scientific innovation could be harnessed to create ingredients that work with nature rather than depleting its precious reserves?

Science is breaking down the notion that it’s the ‘bad guy’ of the beauty industry. With detailed research, science has helped to create guilt-free beauty products that enhance our natural resources and aid the preservation of our plants and animals.

Educated beauty enthusiasts want more

The demand for natural and organic skincare products has exploded over the last two decades. Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in the origin of the ingredients contained in their favourite beauty products. They are demanding more information on the source of each component used in their skincare products to help them make an informed and ethical choice when deciding on their personal care goods.
In recent times ‘laboratory-produced ingredients’ have been condemned by consumers – almost gaining a ‘Frankenstein’s Monster’ reputation when used in the beauty industry. There has been much negativity and confusion centred around the use of cosmetic ingredients which have been sourced using a scientific approach, but it’s time to set the record straight.

Understanding biotechnology

Scientists who are involved in the development of skincare products understand that there is a beauty in biology. Biotechnology allows these cosmetic chemists to change the way we interact with the natural world in a positive way taking nature’s best ideas and extracts and recreating them safely in the laboratory.

Biotech ingredients are molecules which often stem from algae or yeast that undergo a metabolic process to allow each ingredient to be artificially reproduced and used in beauty products without the need to take resources from the natural world.

Replicating the best of nature

An example of a positive way biotechnology has impacted the beauty industry is how the use of hyaluronic acid as a cosmetic ingredient has changed, thanks to scientific innovations.

Hyaluronic products are frequently used in moisturising creams applied topically to the skin. The acid retains moisture and is incredibly beneficial in improving skin hydration and reducing laughter lines for smoother and more flexible skin.

If you’re serious about your beauty products, you’ll probably have already heard of this amazing ingredient, and used it in countless hydration products, but were you aware of its origins and history?

Traditionally, natural hyaluronic acid was extracted from the combs of roosters or the aqueous part of cow’s eyes. This would rightly horrify the modern beauty purchaser and, although it is a natural ingredient, it would not be what anyone would want to find on the ingredient’s label of their skincare treatments for a whole host of ethical reasons.

Scientists have stepped in and utilised biotechnology to develop a chemical compound which imitates the effects of natural hyaluronic acid in skincare products. This means you can obtain the same smooth skin and hydration benefits from your beauty creams, without taking important resources from animal sources.

Feeling good about yourself is even better when you know the products you are using not only make you feel fabulous but are also helping to preserve our planet’s precious resources. Biotechnology makes this feel-good factor possible.


NATURALIA SINTESI is an Italian beauty, and skincare company founded four decades ago, working within the pharmaceutical industry, to lead pioneering research into the branch of science known as biotechnology.

Their philosophy is focused on products designed to blend science and nature to deliver effective skin and body treatments that make beauty enthusiasts feel great both in body and soul.

The components NATURALIA SINTESI choose for their products are sourced with that in mind. But they go further than that, considering the long-term impact of the ingredients to develop high-quality personal care products to keep you looking and feeling great about your beauty choices.

Dr Giancarlo Folchitto, Scientific Director of NATURALIA SINTESI, who was awarded the Atom D’Or for Scientific Research, sums up the concept perfectly: “Biotechnology is not a new innovation. It has been used since the very beginning of humankind to make some of our most precious creations – notably bread and wine”.

By bringing biotechnology to the skincare routine of women across the UK, science and nature can collude to build a more beautiful planet in every way.