Three spa-like facial massages that you can do every day at home.

Massages are one of the joys of life. Naturalia Sintesi, being expert in total body massages, wants everyone to be able to experience the many benefits of a spa-like facial massage in the comfort of their home too. 

But why is it important to have a facial massage professionally done every once in a while? Massages stimulate blood circulation, help in preventing fine line and wrinkle formation, tighten the skin and effectively work against puffiness. Even though not every beauty salon, clinic and spa has been able to re-open, you don’t have to miss out on this simple yet luxurious feeling. 

While we all wait for our favourite spa or beauty salon to re-open, you can learn to perform at home three simple techniques that our aesthetician uses to give anti-wrinkle, de-puffing, and face lifting massages. 

First things first: to improve this experience it is highly recommended to light a candle, use a soothing fragrance in your humidifier and have relaxing sounds playing.

  • The first facial massage we will guide you through is a classic: a relaxing and anti-wrinkle massage.

The most important step - for this massage and for the following - is skin cleansing: wash your face using the cleanser that best suits your skin type. We recommend our Cleansing Cream Extra Mild for normal and dry skin, and Pufac Cleansing Foam for oily and acne-prone skin. 

To make the skin more receptive to the following steps, we recommend exfoliating your face with a gentle scrub in order to remove all the dead skin cells, dirt and impurities. This step helps prepare your skin to absorb all the goodness of the massage. Naturalia Sintesi’s Abradouce Gommage is perfect for this.

1- Now take your favourite face cream or serum and rub it gently in your palm to warm it. We recommend choosing a product of a thicker or oilier texture. Our therapists love to perform facial massaging with Time Challenge, Balancing Trielaston or Claregen Sensitive Extra Rich

2 - Next place the flat of your palm in the middle of your cheeks and move your palm in an upward direction. Alternate it by moving your palm upwards over the forehead too. Continue this for 2 minutes.

3 - To firm the cheeks and improve the appearance of double chin, rub one palm on the forehead in horizontal motion in upwards direction for 2 minutes. Place your palm under your chin firmly and massage in the upward direction till the cheek bones and also under the chin in outward direction for 2 minutes. 

4 - Gently tap all over your face with your fingertips to stimulate capillary circulation.

5 - To relax the eye area, gently massage using the ring finger only. Use circular outwards motions on the eyelid as well as around the eyes.

This completes the facial massage. You can blot the product excess with a paper tissue or let it sink into the skin during the night. 

  • This next massage is perfect for easing the appearance of eye bags or puffy eyes in the morning. And best of all, it will only take you 1 or 2 minutes. 

1 - As above, we recommend cleansing your face and choosing your favourite product to massage. This time we recommend our Lift & Light Intenscream or Lift & Light Gel Drenante.

2 - Using your index and middle fingers gently perform tapping motions (no tugging or dragging), around your eyes. This will boost blood circulation of the capillaries in the eye area, reactivating the drainage of excess water from the eye contours.

3 - Next, applying more pressure, go outward along your eyebrows until your temples, then inward along the top of your cheekbones toward the bridge of your nose. Circle your eyes three times.

4 - Find the pressure point just under the brow bone on either side of the nose, where your eyebrow should start and press firmly in an upward motion for 3 times. Then press firmly inward toward your nose, above the bridge, next to your tear ducts.

4 - Finish massaging your temples with your index and middle fingers, applying light pressure to relax the muscles.

This eye massage can be performed every day, even twice a day if you struggle with puffy under eye. 

  • Lastly, a perfect massage to perform in the morning, to give your skin a boost of energy: a lifting massage.

1 - As before, start with a clean and dried skin and apply your favourite massage product. Naturalia Sintesi has the perfect products for this massage, designed specifically for lifting your face contours: Second Life Replenishing Cream or Recolm Cream.

2 - Let’s start draining the lymph area by using your fingertips and drawing circles and lightly pressing under your ears. Then glide your fingers and your hands towards your neck until you reach the collarbones. Gently press moving your hands to your chin, and from here use your thumbs and glide them towards your ears. To summarize: go upwards from the throat to the chin, and to the ears, and then move downwards from under the ears along the neck until the shoulders and collarbones. Repeat this for several times.

3 - Now it’s time for sculpting: start from the middle of your chin and glide your fingertips along your jawline, towards each ear and into the airline. 

4 - Using your index fingers and thumbs, get a hold of your lips and stretch them gently. While you do it, go a little outside of the lips towards the ears. This will help the appearance of fine lines next to your mouth, and will also make your lips plumper. Repeat this motion for 5-10 minutes. 

5 - Now gently pinch your eyebrows along their length. This will lift the eyebrows’ muscles and drain extra fluids.

6 - Using your index fingers - the entire length of it, not just the fingertips - move the forehead in a zigzag and up-and-down motion, then gently drag the skin towards your temples. Massage your temples applying a bit more pressure, in circular motions. Continue for up to 5 minutes. 

Make sure to hydrate yourself with plenty of water to help your lymph nodes detox your skin. 


While we all wait for your favourite beauty salons to re-open and by guiding you through these three simple facial massages we hope you can enjoy one or all of these mini DIY face massages. And above all, we have made your day a little bit more relaxed and your skin a little bit happier. 


Naturalia Sintesi UK, combining Nature and Science for better results.