Why Dedicating Time Every Day to Skincare Can Improve our Overall Sense of Wellbeing

The average woman has countless priorities that they juggle each and every day. Working outside the home, managing childcare, performing or organising housework, and cooking family meals – it is no wonder that many women report not having enough time for themselves. While the lucky few amongst us can afford the time and money to spend hours at the salon each week, most women work hard to dedicate even just a few precious minutes for their own needs. 

The scarcity of time for oneself is why a skincare routine can be such a balm for the mind. It just so happens that it can also improve your skin’s health, texture, and beauty!

Taking care of your skin is about so much more than merely trying to prevent ageing and reverse the damage done over the years. For some women, this is the only time of day they can truly dedicate to their own needs. After hours of work (both inside and out of the home) choosing the right products from one’s carefully curated skincare collection is more than a simple ritual – it can feel like an indulgence.  

Medical professionals agree. Houston dermatologist Dr Rena Jogi says, “when you do a skincare routine, you’re usually alone, in your bathroom or somewhere quiet, and it’s just you and the mirror. There’s something slightly meditative about just sitting there and taking that 10 minutes just for you.”

The comforting warmth of a flannel soaked in clean water and pressed to the face. The simple pleasure of massaging a luxurious moisturiser into the skin and patting a serum around the orbit of the eye. The relaxation of a hot bath followed by a rich body cream. These experiences are about taking care of one’s mind and soul as much as they are about pampering the body. 

Skincare is Good for the Mind – and for Skin Health

Patricia Normand is a psychiatrist and the director of Integrated Health and Wellness at Chicago’s Rush University Medical Centre. She stresses, “anything that makes you feel good is usually a means of self-care. That can include getting enough sleep, taking the time to exercise, or getting proper nutrition.” If your skincare routine makes you feel good and helps you to relax, it is definitely classed as ‘self-care’. Over time, it will boost your mood and improve your wellbeing. 

Of course, one of the most apparent benefits of a skincare routine is improved skin! Even if you begin to double cleanse your face and apply a moisturiser as a way to carve out some time for you, it will change your appearance for the better. 

Over time and with the right products, a skincare routine will clear your blemishes, hydrate your skin, and improve its overall health, texture, and tone. Studies show that being unhappy with the look and feel of one’s skin can negatively affect confidence. By improving your skin, you will likely experience a boost in your overall self-esteem. Don’t be surprised if people ask you if you are ‘doing something different,’ or want to know more about your glow. 

Crafting Your Own Personal Skincare Routine

Understanding skincare, particularly finely crafted products made with biotechnology ingredients, can be daunting – at first. Compounds such as hyaluronic acid and glycerine (humectants that draw moisture to the skin to plump and hydrate), glycolic acid (an anti-ageing acid exfoliant), and beta-glucans (a sugar that boosts the production of collagen and plumps the skin) can all sound overly complicated and overwhelming, but once you understand what they do, you can choose which ones are right for your needs. 

When you are looking for products to add to your skincare routine, you first need to consider your concerns and your desired effects. Are you looking for increased overall hydration? Look for products containing hyaluronic acid. Are you hoping to prevent future wrinkles and crow’s feet? You want to up your collagen production. Do you want a brighter, more ‘glowing’ complexion? Exfoliating acids, such as glycolic or lactic, will be a welcome addition to your routine. 

Next, you need to consider which brand (or brands) you want to use on your delicate facial skin. Ideally, it would help if you looked for a brand that produces high-quality skincare designed to target specific concerns. Yes, some drugstore brands claim to effectively cleanse the skin or reduce the visible signs of ageing, but they don’t have scientific evidence to back their claims. 

Ideally, you want to choose the best skin care products that you can afford, and that have clinical evidence to support their efficacy. Naturalia Sintesi is a leading Italian skincare company that creates effective products with a basis in proven laboratory science. Inspired by natural ingredients, the Naturalia Sintesi team utilises laboratory-made active ingredients in order to control and ensure stability, efficacy, and bio-availability. 

A Sample Skincare Routine to Help You Get Started

A simple evening skincare routine to get you started might look something like this:

  • Remove make-up with a cleansing water.
  • Cleanse skin with a cream cleanser, removing every trace with a warm flannel
  • Apply a tonic to the face, neck and décolleté area 
  • Apply a moisturising booster on the face and décolleté area
  • Gently pat eye cream around the eye contour area and seal your skincare benefits with an occlusive facial moisturiser

Over time, you can assess and adjust some of these steps, and add additional products containing active ingredients that target your specific concerns. You can also implement this routine in the morning, but always ensure that you include SPF as a final step before leaving your home. While it may not be possible to reverse the signs of ageing altogether, you can do plenty to prevent future damage. 

With just a few high-quality products, you can not only transform how you look; you can change the way you feel. Even if you only have a few scant minutes each day to focus on yourself. Why not spend this time improving the tone, texture, and appearance of your skin? It’s possible, and it feels wonderful.