Your Valentine's Day 2023 Gift Guide To The Perfect Skincare Present

Are you still on the hunt for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? With this blog post Naturalia Sintesi will give you some ideas to make this Valentine's Day even more special. Read along and discover a selection of 100% Made in Italy skincare products that are currently discounted at 40% off.



More and more people suffer from sensitive skin, which gets irritated more easily with very high or low temperatures, is prone to dryness and reacts to a wide variety of active ingredients.
If you or your loved one’s skin appears to be sensitive, we recommend you to introduce Proflexa and Claregen Sensitive into your daily skincare routine.

Proflexa acts as a multivitamin cocktail for your skin that achieves a lifting, remineralising and revitalising effect thanks to sorghum bicolor stalk juice, corallina officinalis extract, and vitamins A, C, E, F.

Claregen Sensitive, thanks to the combination of the calming multi-active complex (as effective as cortisone, but without its typical side effects) and hyaluronic acid, it soothes skin that is weak, sensitive or fragile. Claregen Sensitive also provides a general revitalizing and anti-ageing action.


This next combo of two products is designed to fade dyschromia and bring you a more even complexion especially after active acne that may have left darker scars. Regenatur NG11 Progressive and Melaut Intens’ fomulas feature active ingredients that directly work on those cells responsible for producing melanin and collagen fibres. 

Melaut Intens, with a light serum-like consistency, is ideal for its brightening and uniforming action on hyper-pigmentation, promoting a more even complexion. The active ingredients that bring these amazing benefits are Niacinamide, White Mulberry extract and Licorice Root’s extract.

Regenatur NG11 Progressive intervenes in the build-up of melanin caused by external factors (e.g. incorrect exposure to U.V. rays, use of photosensitizing substances) while the high concentration of Vitamin C stimulates collagen synthesis.


The natural process through which the skin gets rid of toxins can be boosted and improved with the right skincare routine. Detoxify your skin from free-radicals, environmental stressors and air pollution with Naturalia Sintesi’s Pure et Lisse line, which features Pure et Lisse Ultra Serum and D-cream to create the perfect anti-toxin skincare routine. Pure et Lisse line benefits from three main active ingredients: Detoxyl, Hyadisine and Hyacare.

Pure et Lisse Ultra Serum is an ultra-concentrated, detoxifying, filling and plumping serum, for targeted action on the most critical areas. Ultra Serum also provides a plumping and filling action on wrinkles thanks to Hyaluronic acid. 

Pure et Lisse D-cream exerts a triple action: it is filling, re-volumising and detoxifying, with a rich and creamy texture, and an excellent soothing effect. It can be a perfect base for makeup. 



Let’s not forget about your body: the body’s skin gets often overlooked. We have tens of skincare products for our face and neck and then we forget to apply some body lotion. Take a look at Naturalia Sintesi’s currently discounted products that will make your skin feel and look at its best.
These are only a few of the products that you can purchase at 40% off. Click here to view all the products discounted for our Valentine's Week promotion.



Your shower routine won’t be the same anymore thanks to Natural Scrub and 4 Active Body Lotion.
These two products are designed to make your everyday feel like a spa day-out, thanks to their active ingredients that have been selected for their nourishing, refining and hydrating properties.

Natural Scrub is based on Hazelnut and Apricot Seeds, enriched by precious plant-based oils with a nourishing, protective, regenerating and anti-ageing action. Grape Seed Oil  fights free radicals thanks to its high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids; Argan Oil softens, hydrates and regenerates the skin; Musk Rose Oil makes the skin more elastic and prevents premature ageing; Jojoba Oil leaves your skin soft, smooth and nourished.

4 Body Active Lotion consists of a combination of the purest natural oils protected in liposomal capsules with a shaping, nourishing and toning action. Its rich and creamy texture provides softness and elasticity, while the plant extracts firm the skin to redefine the figure.


Hydration is a key step for any body skincare routine, but with Naturalia Sintesi you can have much more: a targeted action on all those blemishes that you would like to improve. Do you struggle with cellulite signs and “orange peel skin”? Would you like to have a targeted cosmetic to help you reshape, lift and tone your body?

Body Lifting Cream is a professional-grade body cream that has a firming and lifting effect on the most critical areas, progressively reducing the appearance of stretch marks, elasticizing and toning all those areas that may have lost tone due to weight-loss or ageing.

Modelling Cell Complex is a brand-new product designed to enrich every massage treatment with a targeted action on oedematous states, slack tissues and signs of cellulite. Through an immediate and progressive action, it promotes tissue evenness, oedema reduction, a shaping effect and the restoration of healthy tissues.


Naturalia Sintesi thinks about all of your body, from head to toes. Discover these two hidden gems of the body-care routine to help you improve the look and feel of lower legs and the bust area: Criogel Legs Comfort and Body Up 40+. 

Criogel Legs Comfort ensures all the necessary reactions for fast reactivation of the microcirculation, immediately relieving the feeling of heavy, tired legs, facilitating deep detoxification and tissue self-repair at the same time. It is a perfect after-care product for draining and detoxifying professional body treatments.

Informa Trielaston Body Up 40+ is designed for the most difficult-to-treat situations (rapid weight loss, hormonal decline due to stress) with a modern high-efficiency texture, easy to apply and quickly absorbed, it leaves the skin soft on the surface and well-nourished in the deeper layers, without greasiness.

Make your or your loved ones’ Valentine's Day skincare routine even more special with Naturalia Sintesi’s discounted selection of products: now at 40% off.

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