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Second Life Intense Firming Synergy - Restructuring Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

10 treatments kit containing:
Collagenon Drops: 1 bottle of 30ml
Re-elasting Cream: 10 single dose sachets, 7ml each
Bright Cream-Mask: 10 single dose sachets, 15ml each

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This professional treatment (phase 2 of Second Life Treatment), specifically designed for ageing and loss of tone in the face and neck area, features a group of active ingredients that perform exceptional firming, plumping and restoring action. 

With precious precursors of collagen, in conjunction with 1,3-Beta-glucan, Mukul Resin extract and Hyaluron amines, this anti-age treatment triggers a complete regeneration from the deeper skin layers, with visible effects after the first few sessions: it tones the skin, tissues regain its structure and firmness, wrinkles gradually smooth out and the complexion brightens up. 

The treatment consists of 3 sequential phases:

Phase 1: COLLAGENON DROPS - Ultra Restructuring Concentrate - 30 ml bottle

Concentrate with an immediate ultra-restructuring action for a prompt aid in restoring elasticity of mature, inelastic skins with tissue ptosis.

Main ingredients:

Ultra-filtered Marine Pancogene Collagen (INCI: SOLUBLE COLLAGEN) + Collagenon (INCI: Oligopeptide-4)
Innovative Collagen precursor with a low molecular weight, able to quickly perform a hydrating and reparative action on the dermis, helping the skin to regain its elasticity. It’s been tested in particular on subjects aged between 45 and 55, showing great efficacy on the following parameters: wrinkle reduction - hydration – prompt elasticity recovery.

The synergy between the two actives contained in this serum gives the concentrate the ability to immediately bring pure collagen to the most depleted and slackened skin, while stimulating deep repair of damaged fibres (long-lasting restructuring action).

Phase 2: RE-ELASTING CREAM - Restructuring/elasticizing – 10 single-dose sachets 7ml each- with Mβ Coll Complex

Concentrated cream with an immediate ultra-restructuring action for a prompt aid in restoring elasticity of mature, inelastic skins with tissue ptosis. To be applied soon after the absorption of 2/3 drops of Collagenon Drops, it’s ideal for performing massages with a toning/relaxing effect on face, neck and décolleté.

Main ingredients:
MβColl Complex: made of COMMIPHEROLINE (INCI: COMMIPHORA MUKUL RESIN EXTRACT) - adipocyte correcting,
1,3- BETAGLUCAN (INCI: SODIUM CARBOXYMETHYL BETAGLUCAN) - stimulation of collagen production and boost of skin's immune system)
PHYTO COLLAGEN (INCI: NATTO GUM) - skin restructuring. It acts immediately on elasticity/hydration/smoothness even on the most critical areas (e.g. neck, décolleté), providing a progressive plumping action in the deepest skin layers

Phase 3: BRIGHT CREAM-MASK - Lifting and brightening Mask - 10 single-dose sachets 15 ml each

Soft cream/mask with an immediate brightening, hydrating and lifting effect. The creamy phase is absorbed during the leave-on time, while a pleasant refreshing/decongestant effect on the epidermis can be perceived.

It is enriched with HYALURAMINE-S, a low-weight muco-polysaccharide molecule with a strong hydrating, smoothing and relaxing action. When tested on skins aged over 45 years old, this active has shown a remarkable ability to reduce skin unevenness and slow down the TEWL in mature and very dry skin.

Recommended to be used in combination with our Instant Brightening Synergy.

Try our Second Life Monoset: everything you need to perform one Instant Brightening Synergy and one Intense Firming Synergy.
For Professional use only.
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