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Sun Experience Balm - Hydrating Regenerating Cream

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200 ml bottle – code 6171

With Aloe Vera extract for a natural soothing, decongestant and hydro-restoring action.
A fluid emulsion with a thirst-quenching and gentle texture. It guarantees long-term hydration with a pleasant velvety feel. Ideal after exposure to the sun, swimming, showering as well as after all sport and outdoor activities.

Main ingredients and their functions:

Guar gum: a nourishing and protecting polymer, it prevents dehydration and gives a velvety feel to the formulation.

Aloe Vera: hydro-restoring, emollient, regenerating, soothing and refreshing properties.

Mode of use:

Apply the product after sun exposure and massage until absorption is complete. Re-apply if necessary.

See our SPFs: SPF 50+, SPF 30, SPF 15

Exclusive product for salon clients. 
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