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Algo Mask Gold - Restorative Anti-wrinkle peel off Mask

6 treatments kit containing:
ALGO MASK powder: 6 single use sachets, 25 gr each
Concentrated Activator: 6 vials, 9 ml each

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A remineralising, restorative and anti-wrinkle mask, ideal for an effective and quick treatment on mature, dull, stressed or blemished skin. It can also be used at the end of other anti-aging facial treatments.

The originality of the brand new peel-off masks by NATURALIA SINTESI lies mainly in the special mix of alginate-based active ingredients of plant, mineral and biotechnological origin which - together with the synergy concentrated - gives rise to a very flexible structure capable of optimizing the penetration of the active ingredients, while performing a series of highly nourishing actions.

Very flexible when used within Naturalia Sintesi professional facial procedures. Thanks to the richness of the formulations and to the extraordinary plasticity of the base, each mask can either constitute the core of a very effective and quick treatment, or be the culmination of a more complex treatment, creating a variation of procedures such as LIFTO HD, PURE et LISSE or CLAREGEN, to be offered to the customer on a truly special occasion.

The alginate phase is made up of Solum Diatomeae + Algin with a mixture of Conchiolin and Aragonite, the basic constituents of nacre, in order to achieve an immediate brightening effect, with micro-particles that bounce off the light. The liquid activator phase features Hyaluronic acid, Saccharide Isomerate and Aloe Vera.

Nacre is a biomineral - an inorganic substance formed by a living organism – consisting of thin layers of the protein Conchiolin and the mineral Aragonite. It is the interaction between the inorganic phase and the macromolecules of the organisms responsible for their production that gives the biominerals special physical properties.

From cosmetic point of view, the importance of this association appears in different ways:

  • The reflection of light results in the visual reduction of wrinkles.
  • Its ability to polarize and emit energy in the form of infrared rays causes a slight increase in skin temperature (about 1 degree), with a consequent improvement of local microcirculation and metabolism.

The slow transition of alginate from a liquid mixture to its final solid form creates an immediately visible smoothing effect. The occlusive effect, in addition to the reduction of TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss) involves the inability of the skin to interact with the outside: skin, in this condition, draws oxygen from the inner layers through the bloodstream, thus stimulating the microcirculation (reactivation of the skin).

The effect of an alginate mask is therefore moisturizing, softening and soothing. Furthermore, the increased nourishment causes micro sweating between the mask and the skin that,  combined with the reduction of TEWL, favours the penetration by osmosis of the active ingredients contained in the mask or previously applied to the skin.

Mode of use:

- Pour the entire content of a packet of ALGO MASK POWDER  into a bowl.

- Add the entire dose of the ALGO MASK CONCENTRATED ACTIVATOR. Then add 90 ml of water. Apply a thick layer to the face and cleavage, and leave for 15 minutes.

- At the end of the application time, the mask will have a rubbery texture. Remove it starting from the neck, gently detaching it in one whole piece. Remove any residue from the skin with a moist cotton pad.

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For Professional use only.

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