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All Purpose Plus Zero - Protective Restorative Cream - H

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40 ml tube with box – Code 6300

Emollient, protective and restorative water-oil emulsion ideal even for the most sensitive skin. Excellent for use also in case of coupe-rose, acne and as a protection against atmospheric agents in general.

Ultra-delicate emulsion with a thick and soft texture. Easy to apply and massage, it leaves a thin film on the outer layer to protect brighten the skin. Complying with Naturalia Sintesi’s “Clean” policy, this formula is paraffin-free, silicone-free and petrolatum-free. The formula has also been improved by adding more nourishing, calming, protecting, hydrating antioxidant ingredients.

Main ingredients and their functions:

Chondrus Crispus (Irish moss): extract from red algae; detoxifying action while supporting the hydration given by other ingredients.
Allantoin: reparative and hydrating action
Glycosaminoglycans + Hydrolized RNA: promotes the natural restorative action of the skin cells stimulating the physiological regeneration the damaged tissue.
Hydrolized DNA: hydrating action to tackle photo-ageing skin damage
Zinc oxide: immediate reduction of redness and skin irritation; protection to environmental factors (U.V. rays, air pollution, too high or too low temperature)
Ubiquinone: helps in the remove of metabolic waste, strengthens the skin’s immune
defences, provides additional energy to the cell.
Retinyl Palmitate + Tocopheryl Acetate: promotes cell regeneration and membrane protection
Bisabolol + Panthenol: decongestive and soothing action
Tocopherol: anti-oxidant

Mode of use:

Apply a thin layer 1 or 2 times per day, also on top of preferred cosmetic, patting it dry. It can be used as face-mask, applying a thicker layer and removing without
water. Ideal as face cream during exfoliating and/or brightening treatments, and for
couperose-prone and sensitive skin.

Exclusive prices available for salons/spa clients. 
Ask your beauty salon/spa for an exclusive discount, or contact us.