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Balancing Trielaston - Revitalising Rejuvenating Cream

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30 ml bottle with box – code 6743

Rejuvenating and anti-stress product with Caffeine and Ananas Sativus; it balances the water content of the tissue, while stimulating the cellular reactivation – high efficiency texture. 

The stimulating action on biological activity is due to the presence of peptides derived from animal thymus glands (molecular weight under 10,000 D) which activate and reactivate the  life cycle of skin cells, promoting the regeneration and proliferation of factors such as fibroblasts which may have been damaged by UV light, stress, premature aging etc.

Main ingredients and their functions:

Caffeine enhances the appearance of dry or damaged skin by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness. Ananas Sativus extract contains vitamins, proteins, essential sugars and mineral salts. Prunus Amygdalus dulci oil: acts as a lubricant on the skin surface, which gives the skin a soft and smooth appearance.

Mode of use:

For the first 20 days it is advisable to begin with one application per day, preceded if required by Special Hydro Complex and subsequently increasing to two applications per day.
IMPORTANT: the product is a highly concentrated fluid/gel form; therefore only a tiny amount is to be used, 1 to 2 drops normally being sufficient for a single application.

Exclusive prices available for salons/spa clients. 
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