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Binopeel Kit - Chemical Peel

Urea Granules: 100 ml jar
Beta-carotene Activating Gel: 250 ml tube

– code 6645  

Chemical, biphasic and alkaline peel with Urea granules, enriched with a Beta-carotene activating gel to exfoliate the stratum corneum and stimulate cellular renewal.
Versatile and adjustable, can also be used for eye-contour, face and body.

BINOPEEL Kit features two different components:

  1. GRANULES, based on crystallized spheres of urea whose keratolytic properties are renowned worldwide and active both chemically and biochemically. Urea works thanks to a gradual hyper-infusing process by breaking and  removing keratin bonds. The particular type of crystallized spheres gives an even greater guarantee of maximum protection and gradual release of the active ingredient.
  2. ACTIVATOR GEL based on beta-carotene integrated into polyacrylamide gel. It both activates the granules and provides a modulating and protective activity during application. Furthermore, it has its own  biological-physiological exfoliating properties (due to beta-carotene, retinol and retinoic acid).

The ACTIVATOR GEL and GRANULES must be mixed together, adjusting the quantities to suit the area to be treated and depending on the desired strength of exfoliation. These should be decided by the beautician after carrying out patch-test.


BINOPEEL is a cutting-edge yet extremely flexible TECHNICAL EXPOLIATING AID ideal for both preparing the skin for any kind of treatment (it greatly improves the skin's receptiveness) and for targeted treatments on skin texture, wrinkles and fine-lines thanks to its gradual smoothing activity. BINOPEEL facilitates regular cellular turn-over without interfering with the skin´s physiological enzymatic reactions.

Given the ease with which its strength can be modulated,  BINOPEEL is suitable for both face and body.

Mode of use:


   - using a measuring cup take between 2.5cc to 5 cc (maximum) of urea granules and add 15cc of BINOPEEL activator Gel.

  • mix the compound in a small bowl until the granules are completely dissolved
  • with a brush apply to a thoroughly cleansed face, neck and décolleté, avoiding the eye area
  • leave on the compound for 3-5 minutes (including the time necessary for application)
  • carefully rinse (this step should take up to 8-10 times, or until the skin feel slippery.)
  • apply Special Vanishing Cream to restore the correct pH.
  • proceed by applying one vial of Special Hydro Complex and any targeted products.


  • Take 10cc of BINOPEEL Granules and 15cc of BINOPEEL activator Gel
  • mix until granules are only partially dissolved
  • Apply the mixture to the area and pat lightly to help the grains to completely dissolve (when necessary, massage in the most hyper-keratotic areas)
  • leave the mixture on for 10-15 minutes (including the application time)
  • rinse carefully
  • restore skin pH by applying Special Vanishing Cream and continue by applying targeted products. NOTE: the above indicated dosage is the average dosage for a localized treatment. 


Do not use on damaged or broken skin or after recent treatment with other exfoliating procedures (of any kind) or after hair-removal or UV rays exposure etc.

The quantity of granules used may be reduced or increased (while keeping gel quantity as that indicated above) in order lo obtain a milder or stronger mixture.


BINOFEEL is perfectly compatible with NATURALIA SINTESI's products or treatments except those for which a different method of exfoliation has been especially created.

For Professional use only.

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