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Claregen Comfort - Anti-Wrinkle for Couperose-Prone Skin

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50 ml jar with box – code 6695

A home treatment specifically for a daily intervention on couperose-prone skin, using an original anti-redness complex containing Tripleurospermum Maritima extract and further enriched with a Hyaluronic acid concentrate for an effective and contemporary anti-ageing action. 

It is qualitatively similar to the professional product CLAREGEN COMFORT P, but the active principles (in particular Tripleurospermum Maritima Exract) are designed for continuous and long-term application.

CLAREGEN COMFORT combines a reparative, calming action with an  elasticizing/anti-wrinkle action, thanks to the next generation hyaluronic acid.

Mode of use:

Applied morning and/or evening, this cream soothes skin prone to couperose, while revitalizing and treating the signs of ageing.

For best results, combine the application of Claregen Comfort with Claregen Treatment professional treatment.

Exclusive prices available for salons/spa clients. 
Ask your beauty salon/spa for an exclusive discount, or contact us.