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Cleansing Cream Extra Mild - Cream Cleanser - H

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200 ml bottle with box – code 6195

Cleansing and make-up removing cream, in a new formula. Paraffin-free. Recommended for even the most sensitive skin.

Proper facial cleansing should be carried out using suitable products which respect the water-lipid film of the skin in order to ensure the cleansing does not damage the delicate facial tissue.

In CLEANSING CREAM EXTRA MILD's formulation great care has been taken in order to ensure the use of ingredients with softening action, able to enucleate dirt particles without an excessively harsh detergent effect. The consistency and density of the product have also been carefully designed

Main ingredients:
Combination of partially ethoxylated sebum-compatible ether-esters, with non-ionic emulsifiers, rich in water soluble oils and Lactic Acid.

Mode of use:

Apply using fingertips and and distribute it massaging in circular motions. Remove with lukewarm water

Exclusive product for salon clients. 
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