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Complementa Dr-Base - Detoxifying Draining Pack

2 Kg powder Complementa Base + 2 L activator Complementa Dr – code 6615

COMPLEMENTA consists of an extemporaneous suspension of thermal micronutrients in anhydrous and renovated form (COMPLEMENTA BASE). It may be activated through its association with solutions composed of plant derivatives and inorganic salts (COMPLEMENTA DR). This special compound may be used on swollen or puffy tissues with water retention and poor oxygenation. 

The ingredients contained in the different mud products studied have been selected and associated with COMPLEMENTA BASE in optimum concentrations. Calcium, magnesium, iron, aluminium, silica, sodium, potassium are all among the micronutrients found in COMPLEMENTA BASE. The micronutrients take part in all the metabolic reactions in our body with several different aims.

Singularly, the plant derivatives are characterized by detoxifying and purifying properties (such as Taraxacum officinale, Vitis vinifera), diuretic effects (Spiraea ulmaria), and anti-oedema action (Hedera helix). They also stimulate the skin’s  metabolism (citric acid derived from Ascorbic Acid) and moreover, they take part in the metabolism of localized fatty deposits by improving lipolysis (Betula alba, Algae).

 It is now widely known that using natural products to carry out para-thermal treatments has undeniable advantages as well as some drawbacks deriving from the stability and homogeneity of their natural components. The results obtained by using this natural product may not therefore show some change always be consistent. In order to counteract this, NATURALIA SINTESI aimed to improve the performance of a standard thermal or para-thermal treatment by developing the two macro components, the SOLID PHASE and the LIQUID PHASE, using new techniques in order to enhance and accentuate the particular individual benefits they offer. 

SOLID PHASE - COMPLEMENTA BASE: the selection of a new laboratory-reformulated anhydrous phase has permitted some particular characteristics which are otherwise  very difficult to maintain in the natural product.
COMPLEMENTA BASE (anhydrous/solid phase) features:

  • Very low percentage of carbonates: the activated compound retains its plasticity,
  • absence of chlorides, iodides, bromides: the compound guarantees consistent results because it does not affect the skin’s pH,
  • low sulfate content: uniform preservation of the “ionic-osmotic” effect,
  • maximum exploitation of the micronutrients by skin tissue with a constant pH,
  • adequate thermal conductivity,
  • bacterial flora control, constant qualitative standard.


Using a laboratory re-formulated thermal water as a base (statistic mean), the liquid phases have been completed thanks to the addition of concentrated plant derivatives specific for the particular type of activation required:

  • COMPLEMENTA DR with draining/detoxifying activity. 

The advantages of this choice:

  • wide-ranging actions due not only to the presence of the inorganic salts, typically found in  thermal water, but also thanks to the plant derivatives (highly controlled to avoid any risk of anomaly compared to a natural product),
  • safety due to the standardised production which may be monitored and controlled during each laboratory step using both chemical and biological methods,
  • absence of any kind of alterations of the bacterial flora typical in thermal compounds not used in thermal bath treatments,
  • maximum concentration of the liquid phase.


  • easy to prepare extemporaneous suspension,
  • total availability of all components in their active form,
  • guarantee of long-lasting constant activity
  • easy to work with,
  • guarantee of the enhancement of the activity of the basic anhydrous product (COMPLEMENTA BASE) compared to natural muds, thanks to the additional activity due to the plant derivatives in the activators.

Thanks to COMPLEMENTA, the results already shown by the pelotherapy (mud therapy) are enhanced. The beautician has now a practical, easy way to carry out a personalized treatment, even more wide-ranging and reliable compared to already existing treatments.


Standard dosage to be used for general treatments (on average):
- With the special measuring cup take 4 doses of COMPLEMENTA BASE from the sachet (1 dose=1 level measuring cup),
- mix the powder with 3 level measuring cups of the specific concentrated activator,
-mix well and gradually obtain the appropriate fluidity by adding lukewarm water or -  better still - oligo-mineral water (to maintain the bacteriological stability of the end compound).
a) add the liquid little by little and mix well until the compound appears to be the correct homogeneous consistency,
b) prepare the compound some time beforehand to allow the complete infusion of the powder (for even better results).
- It's recommended that the compound is heated in a bain-marie in order to make the treatment more comfortable for the client.



-The activators are in their concentrated form.
-The activator/anhydrous phase ratio has been designed to assure best results. Further additions of activator do not enhance the compound performance.

Mode of use:

  • At the beginning of the treatment cycle, prepare the skin with a peeling to be repeated periodically,
  • thoroughly clean the skin,
  • in some particular cases and according to the beautician’s opinion, it is possible to combine specific products (not in the oily phase) by applying them beforehand,
  • spread the compound with a brush to obtain a uniform and even layer,
  • wrap the treated area with a nylon sheet and cover to maintain a constant temperature,
  • leave on for about 40 minutes,
  • thanks to its sebum-compatible medium, at the end of the session COMPLEMENTA may be easily removed by lukewarm water,
  • complete the treatment by applying specific integrated products (Around Body 3A, Basic Dry, Basic Lipo, etc.) with appropriate massage.



COMPLEMENTA may be considered:

  • As a complementary treatment (in the most demanding cases) to special treatments such as body draining and reshaping treatments.

For this purpose it may be used as preliminary treatment or as integrated care to be included during the cycle of planned treatments.

  • As a stand-alone treatment to be used routinely according to the specific characteristics that the activators may contribute to the compound. The beautician may first apply complementary products to more damaged areas.
  • As a specific treatment to include in the wellness sector where thermal or para-thermal treatments are particularly useful. In this case the choice between the two d COMPLEMENTA on offer will mainly be COMPLEMENTA DR thanks to its detoxifying/purifying properties.
  • As an aid to treatment for toning up of the entire body for which the further addition of micronutrients is a real plus.

For Professional use only.
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