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Informa Trielaston Body Up Bandages - Restructuring Firming Body Up

10 ready-for-use pre-absorbed bandages [absorbed solution: 125ml/bandage]+ 10 single dose sachets of AA booster: 6 ml each

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The INFORMA TRIELASTON BODY UP extra strong programmed release bandages system is a firming and anti-age shock programme indicated for the intensive professional treatment of emptied and flabby tissues. 

It is indicated for the treatment of the body’s more delicate parts, such as the bust, as well as for areas such as the inner thigh, abdomen and inner upper arm.

From the very first sessions, INFORMA TRIELASTON BODY UP provides a remarkable tensorial effect that gradually but constantly transforms into greater tissue density and compactness. The special mechanism of action of the InForma Trielaston Body Up Bandages does not require the use of heat to ensure better penetration of the active ingredient during application.


1) Application via a programmed release “Trans delivery System”:

Bandages made of special non-woven fabric for the gradual release of highly concentrated active ingredients = in just 30 minutes of leave on application time, an extended area is treated with the same intensity, the same concentration and the same evenness – a result that would otherwise be impossible via only a manual treatment. An exclusive benchmark of Naturalia Sintesi research, this system recently has been improved through the use of a new weft pattern of the non-woven 

fabric that makes the transdermal transport of all active ingredients even more constant and homogeneous. PLUS: the strongly dynamic type of action of the active ingredients matched with the static application method = helps reduce the need for excessive manual procedures which are never advisable when treating sagging tissues, especially in the body’s more delicate areas (bust, inner thigh, inner upper arm, etc.).

2) Composition:

- Soy Extract - Genistein: extract derived from Soybeans; activated in a totally physiological manner as a precursor of the estrogenic system.

- Glucosamine Polysaccharide: a cell excitation factor that, by acting on cell receptors (Langerhans cells), boosts not only the action of the Soy Extract but at the same time also “acts on the fibroblasts in charge of producing glycosaminoglycans and collagen”.

- Trigonella foenum graecum, Galega officinalis, Rosmarinus officinalis, Humulus Luppulus, Agrimonia Eupatoria, Hypericum perforatum: association of plant extracts of proven stimulating, detoxinating and firming properties.

- Cupressus Sempervirens extract: rebalancing action on the trace elements responsible for skin hydration and tone.

- Escin: significantly stimulates the capillary circulation.

c) AA Booster (Anti-Aging booster) solution

Based on a concept already developed and tested in the professional treatment IN FORMA TRIELASTON SEF reducing bandages, the BODY UP system too has been improved with the addition of an ADDITIONAL PHASE that has a twofold action:

1) It renders the skin tissue very receptive to the effects of the specific substances that penetrate via the transdermal release phase and enhances their action.

2) It enriches the performance of the system with yet another action, that in this case has a veritable ANTI-AGING and anti-sagging effect that is fundamental in the prevention and in treatment of the specific blemish.

The solution contains GLUCOSAMINE in association with low molecular weight HYALURONIC ACID + CHITOSAN and has taken on the name of “AA booster”.

It is applied immediately after removing the bandage and helped to penetrate via suitable massage. N.B.: Paraben-free formula with FDA approved fragrances.

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For Professional use only.
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