Informa Trielaston Reshaper 45 - Shock Reducing Modelling Serum - H - Naturalia Sintesi UK

Informa Trielaston Reshaper 45 - Shock Reducing Modelling Serum - H

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20 sachets, 10 ml each - code 6976

Highly concentrated serum that effectively combats adiposity and cellulite that are caused by imbalanced hormonal levels and that are resistant to the most common treatments in mature skin (pre-/menopausal).

The high concentration of the active ingredients guarantees an extremely effective action towards the most problematic areas.

Main ingredients and their functions: 

Pink Pepperslim and Phyllacantha Fibrosa extract combined to re-activate microcirculation and break down fat cells. Women and at any age, with a measurable slimming effect after 28 days of application with 0.1% cream.

This documented action is reinforced and amplified in premenopausal and postmenopausal women, due to the SYNERGY performed by PHEOSLIM (PHYLLACANTHA FIBROSA) which has demonstrated significantly higher effectiveness on the same goals (Perilipin A and differentiation of adipocytes) in more mature individuals.

Mode of use:

Home care maintenance is more important than ever in the case of mature women, in whom the progressive hormonal decrease requires constant intervention that cannot be reached with only professional intervention.

Reshaper 45 Shock Serum should be used in combination with Reshaper 45 Cream. Together they provide best results when used morning and evening for first a 28-day intensive cycle, then approximately a month of use once a day.

This procedure should be repeated several times a year, depending on the individual situation, to complement or possibly alternate with other home care products in the Naturalia Sintesi range.

Please note: in the case of individuals with accumulation of fat deposits before the menopause, the combination/alternation with Informa Trielaston SLIMPLUS Cream is advised.

For best results, combine the application of Informa Trielaston Reshaper 45 Serum with its matching professional treatment.

Exclusive prices available for salons/spa clients. 
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