LIFT&LIGHT+ - Eye Patches, Eye Contour Draining & Anti-Wrinkle Gel P

LIFT&LIGHT+ - Eye Patches, Eye Contour Draining & Anti-Wrinkle Gel P

The kit contains:
Lift&Light Eye Global Patch - 3 sachets cotaining 2 patches each, 5 ml for every patch
Lift & Light Intenscream: 1 bottle, 15ml
Lift & Light Gel Drenante: 1 bottle, 15ml

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What is LIFT&LIGHT+?

It is a multi-phase home kit specific for globally treating the eye contour blemishes. The content is designed for a 3 applications.

How does it work?

LIFT&LIGHT+ products work in synergy:

EYE GLOBAL PATCH - 6 non-allergenic patches made of pure natural celulose: revitalizing and lifting action thanks to a complex of Hyaluronic Acid and Caffeine that reduce the under-eye dark colour and puffiness. The formulation also feature a powerful complex of Red Algae + Rice Peptides and Soya Peptides + Superoxide Dismustase that are able to smooth fine lines and crow's feet

INTENSCREAM: Formulation with a high concentration of Centaurea Water, Argan oil and Rhodiola extract for a nourishing, regenerating and anti-wrinkle action.

GEL DRENANTE: Complex based on Escin, Magnesium and Glycirrhetinic Acid to counteract bags and dark circles.

Mode of use:

Take the content of a single-use sachets out: separate the two patches and apply each on one eye area: under or upper eye area, or even on the eye lid. Two patches per eye can also be applied if the area to be treated requires so. 
Leave the patches on for 15 minutes and let the the residues be absorbed gently massaging with your fingertips.

Note: avoid direct contact with inside of the eye or eyeball.

Lift & Light + can also be used as a at-home treatment. Exclusive product for the salon's clients. Click here to view it. 

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For professional use only.
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