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Modelling Cream Mud - Draining Mud

1 Kg jar – code 6262


Massage mud-cream to be used while performing draining and shaping massages; ideal as a stand-alone spa treatment, or as part of slimming treatments and procedures designed to combat cellulite.

Highly efficient performance, a pleasant texture and ease of application are the advantages of this special massage mud-cream, based on Solum Fullonum, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Glaucium Flavum extract and Euglena Gracilis extract. All active ingredients feature an original mechanism of action that is able to reduce liquid deposits and help mitochondrial energy recovery.
The composition is completed by active ingredients with anenzymatic and anti-oedema action. 

The high quality of Solum Fullonum, chosen for MODELLING CREAM MUD, together with the innovative complexes of active ingredients constitutes the main strengths of the new product: 

1)         while remineralizing the tissue, it permits the absorption and optimal release of all active ingredients co-formulated in the product.

2)         High shaping/modelling effect, pleasant texture and easy to apply and remove.


Main ingredients and their functions:

Sunflower Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil: rapid and superficial preliminary action on the stratum corneum.
Glaucium Flavum Extract, Euglena Gracilis Extract: active ingredients with an original (ultrasound-like) mechanism of action capable of producing: reduction of lipid deposits  in the adipocytes, cellular reorganization, recovery of mitochondrial energy and inhibition of the differentiation of preadipocytes.
Caffeine, Fucus Vesiculosus Extract: active ingredients with a classic anti-oedema and enzymatic action.

The formulation is completed by a balanced complex of substances promoting a  hydrolipidic action, protected by a preservative system with only natural components, and perfumed with an allergen-free fragrance.


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