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Natur-Alfa 1 - Antiseptic Cleansing Solution

2 L bottle – code 6670

A didecyldimonium chloride-based solution with a cleansing action able to control bacterial contamination, with a pleasant scent of bergamot. Suitable for face and body, especially for rinsing acne-prone skin; non-burning formulation.

This product's effective but gentle cleansing and antibacterial action makes suitable for use on the entire body, where it will combat bacterial proliferation to prevent any exchange of bacterial infection between the client and the operator. It can also be used to clean equipment including sponges and to wipe down surfaces.

To be used pure or diluted. For external use.

Mode of use:

Pure or diluted in concentrations of 5-10% (1/2 - 1 glass of Natur-Alfa 1 per litre of water).

For Professional use only.
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