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Proflexa - Stimulating Multi-vitaminic Lifting Serum

6 vials, 5 ml each with box – code 6897

A lifting, remineralising and revitalising serum, essential for an effective cosmetic regimen targeted towards mature skin (especially in pre-/menopause). True multivitamin cocktail for your skin.

With the PROFLEXA formulation we have made a product for home use which  combines a deep stimulating action with surface tension for an original, instantaneous result and gradual independent regeneration.

The basic characteristics of the product can be summed up by the following two actions.

  • lifting action: thanks to SORGHUM BICOLOR STALK JUICE 
  • deep stimulating action:  thanks to CORALLINA OFFICINALIS EXTRACT (red algae extract) and vitamins A, C, E, F.

A soothing effect (Sorghum Juice) combined with the correction of the skin’s physiological deficiencies due to age; the immediate intake of structural precious minerals (Corallina Officinalis extract) and a combination of vitamins characterized by a powerful penetrating action.
The sorghum juice comes from the stalks of Sorghum Bicolor, a grain consumed by both animals and humans. Sorghum Bicolor is used in cosmetics to tighten and lift the skin.

Vitamins and their actions:

 Vitamins Action


-   Decreases collagen degradation and increases synthesis;
-   Firmin and toning;
-   Favours elimination of dead cells.

(Vitamin C)

-    Increases collagen synthesis;
-    Normalises  epidermal lipid balance (glycosphingolipids and ceramides) with correct maintenance of the lipid barrier of the stratum corneum;
-    Anti-oxidant. 


 -     Photo-protective action: protects the skin's immune system;
-     Normalises  epidermal lipid balance;
-     Corrects the unsaturated/saturated fatty acids relationship;
-     Anti-oxidant activity by biological action.


 -    Cell regeneration of membranes and tissues;
-    Counteracts skin dryness and/or scaling;
-    Reinforces skin quality and resistance;
-    Improves skin texture.


Mode of use:

On clean skin and after absorption of Special Hydro Complex, apply and gently massage a few drops of PROFLEXA on the face, eye area and neck,   concentrating on the most affected areas.

Then apply, gently patting, a thin layer of your usual cosmetic followed by your usual make-up.

For an energising/stimulating cosmetic treatment we recommend intensive cycles of at least 20 days of consecutive application – once a day followed by 1 or 2 weekly applications the next month. If necessary the whole cycle can be repeated after a 1 or 2 month break.

Recommended after a Lifto HD treatment.

Exclusive product for salon clients. 
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