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Pure et Lisse Prestige Set - serum & cream

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50 ml jar/30 ml bottle – code 6033

PURE ET LISSE D-CREAM and PURE ET LISSE ULTRASERUM now together in an elegant gift box, providing the skin with immediate brightness, a lifting and re-volumizing effect designed to last.

Triple action, corrective cosmetic product: filling, re-volumising and detoxifying. A rich and creamy texture, an excellent soothing effect.

A perfect base for makeup. Enriched with Argan oil. A nice gift idea for special occasions.

Main ingredients and their functions:

Detoxyl, Hyadisine, Hyacare fillers. 

DETOXYL - (INCI - Butyrospermum Parkii Seed Extract)

  1. anti-free radical effect on fibroblast cells. Good results against polluting agents have been demonstrated (nicotine, chlorine and other chemicals).
  2. captures and helps to remove toxic heavy metals (g. lead and iron) that cause damage to keratinocytes.

HYADISINE (INCI - Pseudoalteromonas Exopolysaccharides) used in association with HYACARE-FILLER (INCI - Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer)

This original combination is the product of bio-technology. It provides a plumping and filling action on wrinkles thanks to Hyaluronic acid. Their association also offers a further progressive detoxifying action (supporting the activity of DETOXYL) thanks to Glucoronic acid.

For best results, combine the application of Pure et Lisse Prestige Set with ANTIPOLLUTION AND FILLER professional treatment.

Exclusive prices available for salons/spa clients. 
Ask your beauty salon/spa for an exclusive discount, or contact us.