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Regenatur NG11 - Anti-Dyschromia Anti-Aging Brightening Treatment

7 treatments kit containing:
7 single-dose sachets of CONDITIONING PACK - 15ml each
1 glass bottle of REAGENT/SUBLIMATING SOLUTION - 50ml
7 single dose sachets of EMUGEL BIOLIGHTENING - 7ml each
7 single dose sachets of RESTRUCTURING BIO-MASK - 20ml each

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The colour of human skin differs according to its chemical type (nature) and to the quantity of natural pigment (melanin) present in the epidermal layers. The causes behind the anomalous concentration of melanin known as “hyperchromia”, i.e. spots or hyper-pigmented areas, are many and are either exogenous or endogenous in nature (medicine intake, allergy, hormone unbalance, ageing, individual predisposition, exposure to UV rays, the topical application of drugs or the use of unsuitable cosmetics, etc.). Skin ageing is an element that promotes and always worsens the problem.

Naturalia Sintesi tackles hyper-pigmentation in two different ways:

  • prevention: inhibition of melanin creation by deactivating the enzymes responsible for this action;
  • reduction: the conversion of the coloured pigments (melanin) into lighter-coloured pigments.

Our studies resulted in the creation of REGENATUR NG 11 TREATMENT KIT for a corrective action on melanin accumulation (dark spots), that also quickly increases skin luminosity and favours firmer skin texture.

The treatment kit consists of 4 steps:

FIRST STEP: exfoliation (2-phase): The alkaline-based peel has remained the same and consists of two phases:
Phase 1: CONDITIONING PACK: emulsion of alkalized oils applied using a special procedure
Phase 2: SUBLIMATING SOLUTION: a solution based on AHA and Glucuronic Acid.
The two phases interact with one another to produce a controlled but highly effective peeling action as well as inert CO2 gas that blocks the oxygenation/oxidation imbalance and enhances the detachment of dead skin cells.

SECOND STEP: EMUGEL/BIO-LIGHTENER: the treatment’s key phase because it acts directly on the melanogenic system. Its composition has been radically changed.

THIRD and last STEP: BIO-RESTRUCTURING MASK: application of the Bio-restructuring mask that uses a transdermal controlled release system that ensures maximum results from the new ingredients, also as regards the anti-age action intended. A specific active ingredient selected specifically for this new product is the totally new presentation of Vitamin C, now included as sodium ascorbyl phosphate in nanolipid form that is capable of ensuring:

  • an antioxidation action with the reduction of oxidised melanin;
  • superior skin luminosity and evenly coloured complexion;
  • strong anti-ageing action resulting from the stimulation of types I and III collagen synthesis;
  • prevention of damage from photo-ageing and free radicals.

The REGENATUR NG11 treatment is compatible with all other Naturalia Sintesi treatments that can be selected based on the client’s current needs.

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