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Second Life Brightening Synergy - Two Phase Glycolic Acid & Enzymatic Peel

10 treatments kit containing:
Enzymatic Powder: 10 single dose sachets, 5ml each
Glycolic Activator: 10 single dose sachets, 10ml each

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Two-phase exfoliator with a brightening/smoothing effect. 

Unique synergy of action between the properties of the biological peel with glycolic acid and those of the enzymatic peel based on Papain and Bromelain for an ‘instant’ treatment with an immediate and long-lasting effect.

The combination of the 2 single-doses produces a easy to apply soft foam which acts in a few minutes eliminating dead cells, evening the texture and enhancing skin brightness.

The glycolic acid self-neutralizes after a few minutes, making the product extremely safe and tolerable for even the most delicate skins; it can be used in summer too (a high sun protection factor is still recommended).

Main ingredients and their functions:

Extracted both from PINEAPPLE flower sand stems, Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme used also in the pharmaceutical field for its multiple effects: it has in fact anti-inflammatory, anti-oedema, anti-oxidant, digestive properties. Topically, the biological keratolytic action performed by this enzyme is the one mostly used, since it is light but deep, useful also on very fragile and weakened skins, or near ulcerations and wounds.

Papain is derived from Carica Papaya juice and is another proteolytic enzyme well-known for its anti-oxidant, invigorating, draining and immune-system-protective properties. In cosmetology, it is used also for its keratolytic functions in synergy with Bromelain. Both substances – combined together in a calibrated dosage – can also modulate the action of the GLYCOLIC ACID used in the on-the-spot preparation, gradually neutralizing it, and enhancing the brightening and smoothing properties of the product.

Second Life Brightening Synergy can be used:

  • As an opening phase of SECOND LIFE TREATMENT
  • In alternation with Binopeel in other Naturalia Sintesi anti-age treatments.
  • As a stand-alone brightening/smoothing treatment (finish using Bright Cream-Mask) Besides its brightening action, it is particularly recommended for mature skin since it is more alipic and depleted and consequently does not tolerate the chemical peels used in each session very well.
Recommended to be used in combination with our Intense Firming Synergy.
Try our Second Life Monoset: everything you need to perform one Instant Brightening Synergy and one Intense Firming Synergy.
For Professional use only.
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