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Second Life Monoset - Brightening & Firming Synergy

Instant Brightening Synergy Enzymatic Powder - 1 single dose of 5ml
Instant Brightening Synergy Glycolic Activator 1 single dose - 10 ml
Special Hydro Complex 1 single dose - 8 ml
Instant Firming Synergy Collagenon drops 1 single dose - 3ml
Instant Firming Synergy Re-elasting Cream 1 single dose - 7ml
Instant Firming Synergy Bright Cream Mask 1 single dose - 15ml

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Handy and elegant trial box containing everything needed for a complete SECOND LIFE treatment, allowing your clients to enjoy its immediate benefits and effects.


Unique synergy between the properties of the biological peel with Glycolic acid and the enzymatic peel based on Papain and Bromelain, for instant results with immediate and long-lasting effect.
The combination of the 2 single-doses produces a soft foam, easy to apply and effective within minutes, designed to eliminate dead cells, even out texture and enhance skin brightness.


A perfect replica of the skin's Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF).  It helps and enhances the absorption and the performance of any product applied afterwards, by literally transporting the precious active ingredients of any cosmetics deeper into the skin. 


With precious precursors of collagen, in conjunction with 1,3-Beta-glucan, Mukul Resin extract and Hyaluron amines, this anti-age treatment triggers a complete regeneration from the deeper skin layers, with visible effects after the first few sessions: it tones the skin, tissues regain its structure and firmness, wrinkles gradually smooth out and the complexion brightens up. 

Exclusive product for salon clients. 
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