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Informa Trielaston Slimplus Cream - Reducing Modelling Cream

Simplus Cream aids in the re-shaping of the figure, while it ensures optimal densifying/firming of the tissue, with a long-lasting effect.

Recommended for at-home slimming and modelling body lotion that acts on localized adipose tissue, even in cases of cellulite. 
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Informa Trielaston Slimplus Wraps- 6 Slimming Modelling Bandages

+ 6 ready to use pre-absorbed bandages (pre-adsorbed solution: 125 ml/bandage)
+ 6 PET/PE vials, each containing 6 ml of Speed Exciting Factor.
Total of 3 applications/treatments, 2 wraps and 2 vials per treatment. 

A 2-step total body slimming treatment (special non-woven wrap + SEF vial) with a complex of stimulating actives to activate lipolysis, drain the metabolic waste,  reactivate the ATP cycle and re-awaken cellular energy, providing an overall firming action. For men and women.
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