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Sun Experience SPF 15 - Ultra Moisturising Sunscreen

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150 ml tube with box – code 6165

Medium protection for face and body to gain a golden and even suntan 100% safely, recommended for dark and/or already tanned complexions. Its broad-spectrum UVA and UVB filters, selected for their photo-stability, guarantee long-lasting protection, while its delicate and quickly vanishing texture allows an even and fast application to the skin, without any greasiness.

Enriched with a bio-complex which activates tanning and with Guar gum and Watermelon extracts, it promotes an intense and long-lasting tan, while keeping the skin soft and nourished, and leaving an extraordinary velvety effect. Your skin becomes silky to the touch, golden, bright and tanned for much longer.

Main ingredients and their functions:

Bio-complex Tyrosine-derived (INCI: SORBITOL, ARGININE HCL, ORNITHINE HCL, TYROSINE): it intensifies the natural pigmentation process by promoting and boosting melanin formation in the epidermis, stimulating the enzymatic activity of dopa oxidase for a long-lasting golden and even suntan.

Highly purified extract of Kalahari Watermelon (INCI: CITRULLUS LANATUS FRUIT EXTRACT): desert fruit which grow in the most extreme conditions, it defends cell DNA from damage caused by UV exposure, it also helps combat free radicals.

Guar gum (INCI: HYDROXYPROPYL GUAR): nourishing and protecting polymer, it prevents dehydration and gives a velvety feel to the formulation.

Water-resistant and UV-stable polymer (INCI: POLYESTER-7, NEOPENTYL GLYCOL DIHEPTANOATE): it provides the emulsion with water-resistance and increases its soothing properties.

Ethylhexylglycerin: a universally approved additive, versatile and multi-functional, with an effective deodorising function, soothing and gently moisturising action. It immediately makes the skin feel soft. It successfully inhibits bacterial growth and proliferation, without influencing the “good” skin bacteria.

Mode of use:

Apply the sunscreen product abundantly before exposure and re- apply frequently to maintain protection, especially after perspiring, swimming or towelling.

Apply the sunscreen product before exposure, massage until absorption is complete. Re-apply after a couple of hours or after a long swim.

N.B.: the “skin-like” filter system is designed for skin which naturally tends to develop a good suntan.

It is recommended in any case to use this protection level only after having used a higher protection in the first few days of sun exposure. Warning: reducing the quantity of the product will lower the level of protection significantly. Avoid contact with eyes.

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